Perfect World

Alternative names: Ideal World

Online game Perfect World - multiplayer RPG developed in China. The game is based on Chinese mythology and have conquered not only the audience of millions of the Eastern world, and processions and successfully in European countries. Russian version of the release took place in 2008, after which all fans «World of Warcraft» and «Lineage 2" had the opportunity to assess the completeness of all the advantages of Perfect World online.

Join them and you can, of course, pre-registered. Then immediately observe that for known users of mail service Mail. ru registration in the game Perfect World does not need, we need only authorize your e-mail. For other gamers wishing to join the authentic game world Perfect World Online registration is nothing complicated - enter the address of the current email account, username, password, and security code image. That's probably all, your registration is complete Perfect World.

Obvious and indisputable advantage, you can not "boast" most toys online, you can enjoy, beginning to play the game Perfect World Online. It is about creating the character, or rather flexible system that offered us developers, the so-called customization. Game Perfect World proposes to create a unique character, which are amenable to modification and correction of almost all its external parameters (the proportion of body, face, nose, lips, eyes, up to the width of the pupil), as well as clothing items. On a result, in Perfect World will play not one of the usual game of clones, and very original, you create a character. Choosing races really boils down to a small number of them, but in fact at the possibilities described above, this is no one will regret.

Game Perfect World has its own race

  • People, some of whom are warriors and magicians
  • Zoomorph that can turn into animals
  • Oxides, somewhere close to the more familiar to us elves, but have wings

Also still have clans: "Ancient" and "Amphibians" - mystical and mysterious creatures. Each representative has certain advantages over the other, some superpowers and several Chinese ethno-chips in the image. Each "branch" has two classes - Bol Bol magosposobny and militant. Play Perfect World can be alone or join a clan / group, though for the warm welcome a couple dozen levels you happen to work.

If you have wondered, then we have a number of features of the RPG, then you have finally decide to play online game Perfect World, or stand on the sidelines. For the most part, the game's tasks consist of different (in terms of complexity and level of tolerance) quests that a player receives from NPC-characters. Besides jobs, your character expects full-fledged existence - he can make friends, fall in love and start a family, have hobbies and develop their individual talents.

Perfect World online game provides the location of your character 44 between which operate intercity portals. Go through this - the pleasure, of course, not free. However, in the store you can buy mount (bear or panther), or ride a zoomorphic, if he does not mind. Well, at worst, can hike. Although, someone from this evil? World look ...

In short, Perfect World online game where you have to look at, like a show (and even in the best light! ) And live real-mythical life with their own kind. In my opinion, the master tried Celestial bad ... well, at least here.


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