PES 2012

Alternative names: PES 2012

Game PES 2012 is a versatile multi-platform game that was developed in the genre of sports simulation. This game is the ninth release of a series of computer games Pro Evolution Soccer, and eleventh including all platforms.


Download PES 2012 you can use the suggested file downloaders online games as well as other sites that provide this access. It should be noted that download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, you can absolutely free, because this game belongs to the free games.

Recently released a new version of the game - PES 2012 android. Now pets can install android game Pro Evolution Soccer in their phones.


In the computer game PES 2012 you will play with a completely new interface. Control on the field, you can parallel two players. You will be able to move their players even when they do not have the ball. With the help of special functions you can open other players.

Before the game in the Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, Check whether your PC system settings required specification

1) Core 2 Duo 2,0 GHz - Processor.

2) 2 GB - RAM.

3) 6 GB - HDD (hard disk drive).


Control of the game PES 2012 is much improved over previous versions of the game.

Graphics in the game PES 2012 has not been changed much. However, some indicators have been improved

1) Realistic players' faces.

2) A clear specification of players.

3) Improved lighting and shadows players.

4) Changes in the physics of the ball.

5) Update the grid at the gate.


In the computer game PES 2012 team will act together as one unit. The players on the team will be held so professionally that rivals will not understand maneuvers and stumble upon another defeat.


Game Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 has the following key indicators:

1) attack. You need to try to act aggressively as possible to make the game interesting. It will also raise team spirit and make opponents jittery. Players will act reasonably, so they will be more likely to keep at the ball.

2) defense. Confront the enemy defenses in this version will be much harder. Defenders on the field selected the best position, and it allows them to see better opponent.

3) Management. With a special button, you can move the control to the chosen player. Players who do not hold the ball, can take away opponents, giving his team a pass.

4) Wrestling. Skirmishes between the players become much more serious and plausible. Thus you can fully control all the movements of his players.


In the game PES 2012 awaits you full ownership situation, the highest quality graphics, and free style of play. You can choose for yourself the style of play, change the speed of the ball.

And so much more awaits you interested in an exciting sports game PES 2012!

Plunge into the world of virtual football with PES 2012!


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