Pirates Online

Alternative names: Piraty Online

Online Game Pirates - a wonderful world of distant wanderings, battles at sea and on land, the vast expanses of the ocean and amazing discoveries.

For the game Pirates online will fit any office computer: CPU Pentium IV 2GHz, 128MB graphics card, 256 MB RAM and 3.5 GB hard disk space, as well as Internet access.

To play the game online Pirates, download a special program - the game client, who will liaise with the game server on the Internet. The client does not require installation, just extract it and run the file pirates. exe.

Join in the game Pirates online looks like. On the first page you can immediately enter the game, if you are already party gaming network COD. If not - you push the button "register", then enter the email address, think and enter an alias for gaming profile, enter the same number from the image. Next, create a game account: think up and enter the word - login and have a password to enter the game (login and password must be different! ). And of course, you must read and confirm the Terms of Service. Everything on this Pirates Online registration is completed.

Here's how to play the game online Pirates. But first you need to download the update, because the game is constantly evolving, becoming more interesting and exciting! When the update is complete, you can read pirated news, and get into the game by clicking the inscription "to start the game."

Remains only to choose a game server on which you will be in Pirates of the online play. This is a very important operation. Lieberthal on the server a lot of strong players, good market goods influential alliances. Power there is already divided. For you more suitable server Treasure Island, you'll be on par with other novices and quickly conquer the formidable pirate glory. And then we will try their strength and Lieberthal.

So all the boring technical details behind, choose a game server, input your login and password and start playing safely in Pirates Online!

At the beginning of the game your character is in port. Yes, you also need to choose a steep hero! There are others to choose two characters men, two women, they are all different looks and personal qualities, all live in different cities. You can choose the appearance, clothes, hair hero, think of him sonorous and terrible name, as befits a decent pirate.

Pirates online registration make you a brave captain, a cunning merchant, explorer and discoverer of the curious new countries and, of course, a formidable pirate! The game is fully reveal your talents and inclinations, fresh breeze distant wanderings infuse you fit and in good spirits.

Pirates online game once and for all to conquer your heart grandiose sea battles involving dozens of ships, using various methods of fighting. Maritime trade since the great Cortez entice you with his motley, variety of products and countries. As a true sailor, his heart and soul (and money) you put in your ship, and he will be your best friend, will carry you to distant shores, on it you will conquer the enemy and, if necessary, save a friend from death. Do not forget, according to an ancient maritime tradition, give the ship a beautiful name that will bring you luck.

Pirates online game - a real historical and geographical encyclopedia of the XVI century, and all the adventures, travels and discoveries in it too real. Should discover a new continent, to penetrate the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids - what could be more tempting?

You will pass numerous missions, quests, gradually learning the wisdom of all the games and then will solve puzzling task to find ancient treasures, some of them can be passed only with friends, allies.

The game has a convenient and comfortable gaming chat forum where you can chat with your friends together to solve complex, but exciting task to find the answers to all the questions on the game, and just spend time in pleasant conversation.

Good luck in the game, the brave sailor!


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