Planet Zhelezyaka

Alternative names: Planet Zhelezyaka

"Planet Zhelezyaka. No minerals, no water, no vegetation, populated by robots "- the catch phrase of the famous cartoon accurately describes the world of the game Planet Zhelezyaka online. One small but very important detail - the local robots are equipped with a powerful kvazitronnym brain, and so they do not fear any space pirates. Robots are building, renovating, war, sabotage and sabotage carried out, and just make fun of each other. They rebuilt the entire planet, for convenience and spaciousness turned it into an armored and reinforced hollow ball. You have to manage these hardworking, clever, warlike, savvy and high-mechanical beings that will bring you much joy and pleasure.

Online game Planet Zhelezyaka will work fine even on the computer "office configuration": Pentium 4 2.33 GHz, 256 MB RAM, graphics card with 128 MB of graphics memory.

Join in the game Planet Zhelezyaka somewhat bizarre, but very simple. Choose our type of robot - one of the four. Specify the ASO (the so called e-mail here), to invent a game name - Aydenik, indicate polarity (your gender), enter the PIC (password). Join Planet Zhelezyaka requires you to work email address, it will be sent an activation code. Introduce the characters from the image Security Code, read and confirm our agreement with the Rules of the game.

After account activation Planet Zhelezyaka online registration is completed.

Game Planet Zhelezyaka online - wonderful world, unusual for a man. Time units are not human and robotic: still, tics, theca, called the current year, and day - fat. The whole planet is covered with huge piles of scrap metal from which the industrious robots extract the main resource - a piece of iron. Of them in the Armory collect a variety of devices - gizmos, both defensive and offensive actions.

Information Center Management database used to perform all the basic operations, as well you can see the information about the events in the game and your game performance. The main index - your slope, the higher it is, the higher your ranking.

Workshops your database every night released a new batch of robots. You can also hire outsiders if its not enough. Planet Zhelezyaka online game continues as long as you can produce and maintain their robots. Enemies will be hindered you, arranging sabotage, attacking and stealing your piece of iron. Strong defensive robots, high-tech gizmos and military savvy will help you in the difficult struggle for the title of the leader of the coolest robots.

To play the game Planet Zhelezyaka online, you need a proper study of the characteristics of robots. Their game in four groups, distinguished by the number of different kvazitronov electronic brain. Color kvazitronov determines not only the color of the robot, but its combat characteristics and technical parameters.

Kvazitrony Red Raiders have - very warlike robots. Orange - the well-protected heavy deferorov. Green kvazitrony made of robots Spicer universal scouts and saboteurs, and blue endowed indzherikov high technology.

When you master the basics of management, play around in defense and attack, go to a special place - Drome. Here you will begin to play the game online Planet Zhelezyaka in full force - to compete with other players moving up the stairs rating. Here you have all the opportunity to prove themselves skillful master prankster witty and brave commander of your robots.

Play Planet Zhelezyaka will help you in-game chat - Chatter, as well as a gaming forum.

Digging team of true robots (combat, defense, saboteurs or engineers), invite your friends and acquaintances in their union and begin to play Planet Zhelezyaka to prove all his coolness!


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