Point Blank

Alternative names: Point Blank

Today we present to you the creation of developer NCsoft, who became famous in the first place undisputed online hit Lineage 2. This Point Blank online game in the team Schutter first person online. The game itself is reminiscent of an interesting synthesis of dynamic characteristic of the shootings «Quake» and tactical component inherent in Counter-Strike. There is little that they decide your abmundirovanie and status. The main thing is the ability to shoot as accurately as possible because a respite after a virtual death given only 5 seconds.

In order to play the game online Point Blank you must be passed registration Point Blank. This requires quite a bit, namely:

1. Enter your name in the game (login).

2. Enter your new password.

3. Specify your email address.

4. Specify general information about themselves (gender, age, etc. )

5. Go check that you are a real person and not a bot.

6. Confirm your agreement with the general rules of the game.

After Point Blank check is finished. In order to start playing Point Blank need to install the game on your computer. To do this:

1. On the home page Point Blank online go to "Download the game."

2. After this, the installation will start the program "Zapuskator" after launch, which begins downloading the installation program.

3. Run the installation file, and online game Point Blank starts installed on your computer.

Installing and registering the game Point Blank conducted absolutely free.

Developers suggest we plunge into the atmosphere of combat operations at various locations, including restaurants, museums Chinatowns, winding tunnels underground, where the train cars will slip past you. So play the game online Point Blank fans tired of interesting locations soon.

In the game you are invited to become a fighter warring factions. Groups - both classical games of this genre. It terrorists and commandos. In Point Blank play and will kill the beloved through us from other similar games arsenal of firearms. Pistols, hard drives, shotguns, sniper rifles and grenades. All this and much more at your disposal. Also, you can modify the appearance of your weapons (for example - gold Kalashnikov rifle) and equipment for real money as well as points scored in the game.

Despite the similarities with other similar projects online game Point Blank is still one feature that is for fans of hurricane shootings turns into a huge plus. Deceased player almost immediately restored on the basis of his team and continues to fight. This makes the game more dynamic and does not give you bored at the computer screen, looking like your friends and enemies are trying to lure monotonically friend - another ambush. There is no time and opportunity to graze the enemy with a sniper rifle. This is a game for those who love and know how to shoot quickly.

Even if you are new to these games, you will not be difficult to adapt to the game atmosphere and management. Due to the dynamism of the game, you immediately get used to the tempo and start to kill their enemies without a bit of caution. The game interface is also not make you long to get used. On the page of the game structure you can find a store inventory, waiting list of players, a huge list of clans and other useful information.

I hope the above information makes it clear that Point Blank online game is just for you. So do not waste your time. Start playing Point Blank now!


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