Run and Fire

Alternative names: Run and Fire
Game Run and Fire represents a multiplayer online Schuster, where you will play the first-person. The events take place in the near future, namely in 2027. By this time, the world has changed significantly: it destroyed the war, famine, and the energy crisis; resources run out, humanity on the brink of death, and the people have to fight for a new energy source. Your main task as one of the survivors of the postapokalipsichesky world, will be to find and hold in their hands the power that bears the name - element Peta. To do this you have to become a soldier in the survivors. The whole gameplay consists of ten to twenty different modes and maps so that every player will find what he likes. Location is quite rich: here you and abandoned laboratory, and the ruins of castles and ruined factories. Monotony definitely not! Architecture allows you to find a secluded place for snipers and narrow corridors close to melee. RAF game contains a variety of modes - a cooperative PvE for singles, team death match mission. In the Run and Fire Live presents three classes: • Sniper - neutralizes the distant goal; • Engineer - confronts the enemy in close combat; • Assault - fast, eliminating enemies at any distance. It is worth noting that during gameplay for each spawn there is a possibility to change their role (without interrupting your game at the same time). So that in the course of the game you will have time to visit the role of each of the characters in the project. Accordingly, when you change the player changes and tactics of warfare. Armament Run and Fire Online the most diverse - from a sniper rifle and a knife to a variety of fantastic models. All this is possible to customize for yourself. This will help you shop where you will be able to buy any weapons or equipment, it is to a large extent will protect your character during combat. Available in the game system allows you to develop consistently ranks. Definitely you will be pleased with the system requirements to play RAF possible, even with the most common computer. This will allow many to take part and fully enjoy the game. Despite the relatively simple mechanics of fights, battles quite saturated. In addition, it is possible to use the "Turbo", which would give the gameplay more acute. The control system is quite simple, almost all actions are performed using a computer mouse and a few keystrokes, which is easy to learn. To quickly start to play Run and Fire visit the official website of the game and go fast enough registration, which consists of the following items: Enter your E-Mail, (it is also a login); Come up and enter your password; Repeat the password again; Click Run and Fire registration Stand up to defend the city, its vital functions are now completely dependent on your actions, do not let the opposition to steal power units. Manage to survive and resist the enemy!

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