Ragnarok Online

Alternative names: Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online - MMORPG game fun with a client in the style of anime fiction genre. The game world is created by Gravity Interactive, which for its development borrowed the idea from the South American comics writer Lee Myon-Jin. The plot is based on the Scandinavian myths. Historic moments are organically woven into the development. Ragnarok Online sufficiently thought out and balanced, and thanks to a combination of various features can easily create a competition to many Internet based amusements. What exactly are the benefits? The interface is quite easy and convenient. Pleasant music accompanies all the time your actions. Figures dimensional characters, traced by hand, bright, original. Location thanks to its 3 D graphics are realistic and very beautiful. Ability to choose the path of development delight even the most demanding users. The game is charged 30 classes! In addition, they are all unique. Many factors contribute to mood elevation. Indeed, in Ragnarok Online can be tamed and educate pet to find good friends, and meet the love of a family. Boredom is unknown cheerful inhabitants fairy land! After all, they are expected not only reckless fun, but also serious business!

To install the client, you first need to register Ragnarok Online. To do this, fill in the appropriate form and specify the e-mail, password, language convenient for you, as well as to provide personal information (name, date of birth, address, zip code, city, country). Then it is necessary to rewrite the words you see in the picture, do subscribe to interesting news and offers and, of course, agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Project. Will only activate your account using the letter that will be sent to the specified email address. Download and play Ragnarok Online, you can, provided that the system meets the following requirements:

- Operating system Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP;

- CPU Celeron 500Mhz;

- Video NVIDIA ® GeForce 2 Series, ATI ® Radeon ® 7500 or Intel ® i810G;

- Compatible with DirectX 8. 1 sound;

- RAM 128 mb;

- Free space on the hard disk 2GB.

Of course, to play Ragnarok Online You must be informed in general than are conflicts that violate the steady flow of life. Which again can not divide people, gods and demons, once concluded a truce for a thousand years? The fact that minor skirmishes began from a desire to collect as many fragments of stone Ymir. According to legend, these fragments can prevent heart giant drop of magical barrier to keep the balance between the worlds. And the fact that it can happen on the continent indicate frequent Midgard earthquake and tsunami. Everyone wants to get ahead of rivals and collect as many particles valuable artifact. Peaceful carefree life again in the past. While that remains to be covered by the passion adventurers?

Started playing game Ragnarok Online newcomer, you pumped and become increasingly visible figure. Path of development depends on the chosen profession. Professions of the first level - it Swordsman, Mage, Archer, Merchant, Thief, Acolyte. The second level of professional development for the Swordsman, for example, Knight and Crusader for the Magician - Magician and sage for a Thief - Assassin and Rogue. Well and accordingly move to the third level, becoming Professor Sage, Rogue - Stalker, etc.

It should be noted that the Ragnarok Online game requires follow developments both basic and professional level. Professional - is the current level of the character class. A development of basic effect on improving these initial characteristics: strength, agility, endurance, intelligence, skill and luck. You yourself distribute points between these parameters. Over time, the hero acquires new skills, exploring a variety of useful spells, so feels more confident.

Wherever you go, evil monsters and strive to break plans. But would not you be able to destroy these obstacles in his path? Additionally, you can choose among them a pet, tame and nurture in their own way, so that eventually he always followed on the heels and helped at critical moments.

Ragnarok Online provides free to explore the vast territory. You will visit cities such as Aldebaran, Payon, Prontera and Geffen. Unknown exactly where, but somewhere lives with your spouse. Traveling to different locations, you must believe that the long-awaited meeting will be held. You will be happy to play a big wedding, go to the resort and then have children. Now you never pozhaluetes loneliness!

It is impossible not to mention the 'war for the Imperium. " This is something great! But in order to take part in them should join the guild. Together you will join the battle for control of the locks. After winning bonuses are distributed fairly, so no one is offended.

Ragnarok game is waiting for you! Welcome to the cool world in which are scattered all annoying problems monotony of everyday life! Good luck!


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