Rayman. Rabid Rabbits 2

Alternative names: Rayman. Rabid Rabbits 2

System requirements:

Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz

RAM: 256 MB

Video: 64 MB of memory

Disk Space: 500 MB



Rayman. Rabid Rabbits 2 - the second part of a branch of the popular arcade game series, where the main troublemakers were, lost remnants of every kind of reason rabbits. Mad rabbits 2 again begins with a strange leak biomaterial yes edges filled with pure madness. They do not seek any particular purpose, do not want to seize power, do not want to destroy something, they just want to vandalize. And the game Reservoir Rabbits 2 gives us the opportunity to join the crowd of crazy eared. Continued arcade madness gives a chance to explore the inside of a mysterious life of rabbits, the life that we have learned very little from the first game. We will witness the everyday life of rabbits, earning their living by working in a stuffy office, we learn that rabbits like a huge multi-level sandwiches. Of Rayman. Rabid Rabbits 2 will know that the main characters of the game are very fond of eating colorful, multicolored butterflies, and while hunting for them to thrash rivals net. In rabbits, special cooking skills, because it turns out to fry the chicken, enough to eat a few hot peppers, and then to breath a piece of meat.




As the first part of the game, sequel titled Rayman. Rabid Rabbits 2 represents a diverse set of mini-games, where the main characters, crazy rabbits will do incredible things exclusively in his repertoire. More than thirty different games developers Reiman. Rabid Rabbits 2 tried to put the full potential of their most perverted ideas. Subject campaign diluted funny and terribly funny video protagonists again perform rabid rabbits. 2 look at their follies and even the most gloomy and cheerless man once so smile. Game 2 Reservoir Rabbits offer us totally insane activities such as washing panty distillation, sending sms in the theater, carrying huge pyramids sandwiches for speed, racing snails, weird American football and do much more.




Locations of the game world is very diverse and there is everything - the tropics, dense forests, swamps, snow-covered desert, dark caves, roofs urban mansions, chemical laboratories, utility room restaurants. Some of the locations of game levels brilliantly parodied famous entourage. For example, here you can find decorations similar to those that we have seen in the Indiana Jones films and much more. Graphical display is made in a three-dimensional cartoon-style, filled with bright colors and fun shapes of objects. The only omission that allowed developers is that they took the main character throughout the series role statistician. If in the first game of the rabid rabbits, Reiman was directly involved, in the continuation of all the laurels and almost all part of the game space assigned ridiculous and insane rabbits, however, a huge variety of humor and parodies smoothes and this unpleasant moment.


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