Alternative names: Razdor

Online browser game Discord free and therefore is available to anyone who loves fantasy stories and great graphics. At the same time there is no specific system requirements: most importantly, have an internet connection and a modern browser. To evaluate yourself all the sights, you must proceed to the game's official website. Discord Online registration is to fill the following fields:

1) Name of the game.

2) Password (letters interspersed with numbers - the best option).

3) Valid e-mail.

4) Enter the code shown in the image.

Further, it is desirable to read the Rules of the game and User Agreement, as pressing the "Register" you take on the obligation to follow everything that was stated in the documents now. If you are all arranged, and you click the link cherished - Discord Online Registration can be considered complete. Immediately after that, you can create even one - four (! ) Characters (if desired), each of which may have a unique appearance, picked up by you. And the characters, and the interface, and the world Discord Online games generally are simply gorgeous!

So, as soon as they completed the registration stage in the game Discord and determine the number and main characteristics of the characters, you will find yourself in a small cozy village, leaving you and dive into the real adventure and fighting. Events gameplay developing quite rapidly, so much will depend on the speed of your reactions and the development level of the basic properties of your character. And they are as follows:

• Power - affects the amount of damage your physical health damage to the enemy.

• Agility - helps to dodge enemy attacks.

• Endurance - affects the amount of hit points your character and the absorption of incoming damage them.

• Luck - affects all very positive way.

• Spirit - Reduces magic damage and affects the amount of mana.

• Intelligence - causes you to magic damage and mana points.

Indicators of performance increase with the transition to the next level. To successfully play the game online Discord, need improvement in all four kinds of dealing damage

1) physical - is applied cold weapon in melee;

2) remote - small arms from a distance;

3) direct - applied by a priest spells;

4) magic damage - applied by means of spells magician.

Discord online game system has the following classes:

• Warrior - Attack and protection through the use of special abilities (fast blow, slow wail, special rack, scream of rage, etc. )

• magician - attack and defense through the use of special spells (fireball, ring of fire, a magical barrier, teleportation, etc. )

• priest - blesses, heals and protects;

• Hunter - uses a variety of traps, traps slowing, masking, and so a variety of shots

Despite the impression play Discord you will not be required only by participating in battles, thanks to a highly developed system of professions:

1. Gathering: lumberjack and fisherman.

2. Machining: tailor, tanner, cracker, carpenter, blacksmith.

3. Overall - cooking.

In other words, Discord online game allows you to enjoy and peaceful way of life, for the successful development of which is calculated as necessary for character development experience. Diversity and picturesque local monsters worthy of admiration. In Contention play with you will lizards, able to turn the character into a stone, and the undead with his cronies, and wild boar, the hero running around the forest, and, of course, wolves, which remain after the bite annoying bleeding.

Despite the fact that the battles take place in real mode, play the game online Discord you can easily and with slow internet - connection. After all, the character models are loaded directly into the battle, almost without distracting the players from the exciting action. Do not believe me? See for yourself right now!


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