Red Alert 2

Alternative names: Red Alert 2
Game RED ALERT 2 - fairly well-known project, which successfully continued the best traditions of its own line. This is a typical strategy is made in real time. Its official presentation took place in 2000. However, today the game is considered one of the most professional. Even many years "experience" does not interfere with the project to be a favorite game of many gamers around the world and with it became the object of adoration of fans of modern computer games. You can participate and watch the events, which pushed the army of the Soviet Union and its allies. This part of the game will be transferred into a unique, designed by Einstein, the world. The plot of the project is a complete extension of the previous part. Some units may be familiar to you on the previous game, and some have been re-added, new unusual structure. Now play RED ALERT 2 becomes even more interesting. The reason for that - improved graphics and embedded multiplayer. In addition, the developers have improved interface that allows gamers to choose between production and research buildings and defensive, infantry troops and armored vehicles. An interesting innovation - implementation of urban combat. This is a unique development, allowing to keep fighting, while hiding in buildings and sniping. So you can easily start the game, you will need to, as before, RED ALERT 2 download. A little later, starting gameplay, you will discover the next surprise - the second part of Red Alert is not related to Tiberium universe, which had a very important role in the original game (the project was actually built on it). Events are strongly reminiscent of the Cold War, which took place in East-West relations. That they were the start of the Third World. The project RED ALERT 2 missions are a bit like the original, but it is in no way affect the quality of the game. Similarly, as before, you will need to build the basic units that develop complex defense line and electrify constructed buildings. Parallel to this, be mine and fight - so that's life. The project presented two major parties - the Soviets and the Allies. You may be able to visit a skin of each of them. Each campaign will use RED ALERT 2 new kind of weapon. For "unity" with the story of the project are special videos. Missions and tasks of each of the parties differ. And to simplify project management services special offers computer help - now the computer will regularly inform you about the most important events in the game, such as the arrival of a friendly army, the emergence of new weapons and others. To discharge plot developers have added a bit of sarcasm and irony. To present more realistic look to offer RED ALERT 2 video trailer detailing the new "chips" and benefits.

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