Resident Evil 2

Alternative names: Resident Evil 2

Most games made a movie theme, enjoy the crazy popular among gamers. What can we say about the legendary Resident Evil. All films in this series and adored expected. Game Resident Evil 2 - a separate confirmation of this. To date, according to statistics, this game is the most successful commercial project. It is the second part of the gamers liking. According to the latest worldwide dispersed more than 5 million copies. And this data pales in comparison to how delightfully accepted and actively post reviews players, only acquainted with the project.

Even many of the most serious gaming critics recognized that the game Resident Evil 2 can be considered the most successful part. The project not only successfully passed all the best elements implemented in the first part, but also added a lot of new. First, your eyes will rush qualitatively altered schedule. Also, the developers have decided to add to the Resident Evil 2 new kind of weapon. Another surprise for fans of the project - improving the gameplay. Previously gamers could take place only under two basic scenarios, but now their number has been increased to four.

In Resident Evil 2 will now be able to play in the famous town called Raccoon. In this part of the players will be able to visit an infected city and visit the police station to look into the sewer people and see many other locations.

The game's plot tells us about the two main characters who, for personal reasons come to the city. Faced with the danger, they decide to do everything possible to eventually get out of this dangerous place alive and unharmed.

To start the game you will need to download Resident Evil 2 or buy the CD. This part of the game was presented on two discs, so that the project promises to be quite extensive and interesting.

Particular attention should be paid to the sound. Still the game is accompanied by atmospheric, fear-mongering melodies that is the best fit into the overall situation. Despite the fact that the project has gone out for a long time, soundtracks to it to this day can be found in the players of many players. Some tunes were even played the Japanese Symphony Orchestra.

Once you can download Resident Evil 2, you yourself try to explore new territory. The game is available for all types of consoles and on any operating system. And you will be pleased with the fact that every character in the game has its own storyline. This nuance was even reported in the press separately.

To see for yourself in all the delights of this project, you will need to look to the Resident Evil 2 video trailer. That video will help get the most complete and accurate impression of the game and tell all the major innovations and benefits. Hurry to see!


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