Resident Evil 3

Alternative names: Resident Evil 3

Game Resident Evil 3 is an exciting computer video game, which is a continuation of Resident Evil 2. This game was developed for consoles first, and then to other platforms.

Game Resident Evil 3, you can download from the main site of the game, but before that you will need to submit an application. Download Resident Evil 3 can only grown users, ie is those who currently have full eighteen years.

You also have the unique opportunity to look about the game Resident Evil 3 videos on youtube. In the video clip you will find plenty of useful information for themselves.

In Resident Evil 3 game you can play, if your PC has a capacity of not less than specified:

  1. Pentium III 500 MHz - Processor;
  2. 256 MB - RAM;
  3. Nvidia Geforce 5700 - video card;
  4. 650 MB - Hard disk drive (HDD).

Game Resident Evil 3 will give you a lot of exciting experiences along with the following characters:

  1. Jill Valentine is the main heroine of the game and the participant group "Alpha", which refers to the police detachment «S. . "
  2. Carlos Oliveira - a character who is a mercenary and a brave soldier. He works in the service of anti-biological contamination corporation Umbrella «U. . " This service was sent to one of the cities of the game to save people.
  3. Brad Vickers - it's a character in the game, which refers to the team "Alpha". This command is included in the police force «S. . "
  4. Mikhail Victor - this character who was seriously injured in the game, as well as a sacrifice for the salvation of the protagonist from the Nemesis. Also he is a mercenary who works for «U. . "
  5. Nikolai Zinoviev - a soldier who is working undercover. His position - this supervisor corporation Umbrella. Nicholas arrived at the location with the division «U. . "
  6. Tyrell Patrick - a desperate mercenary working on service «U. "
  7. Dario Rosso - it's unfortunate character who lost his beloved daughter, his grief is almost brought to madness. Dario owns balakleynym store. As a result, he is attacked by zombies.
  8. Berry Burton - is a character that belongs to the team "Alpha" Universal unit «S. . "

In-Game Resident Evil 3 weapons is of several types:

  1. Knife - a weapon that can be found in the trunk. It is very low power. A large number of strokes you have to put the zombies to kill him.
  2. Beretta - a weapon that is in your backpack at the beginning of the game. Force of arms - the average.
  3. Shotgun - a weapon that is in the beginning of the game in the basement. This average force of arms. It is effective at close range.
  4. Smith & Wesson M629C - is a powerful weapon, which is located at the plant. From it you can kill the main opponents.
  5. SIG-Slayer SIG PRO SP 2009 - The strength of the current weapon a little more than average. You can start with EIM weapon play.
  6. MAC M-11 Ingram - this weapon power more than average. Unlike other weapons he rapid-fire.
  7. Western custom m37 - it is quite powerful shotgun.
  8. Colt m4a1 - this weapon can be purchased in the store. This colt more power.

Another set of weapons you will meet in Resident Evil 3.

Enjoy the amazing gameplay of the game Resident Evil 3.


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