Resident Evil: Revelations

Alternative names: Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil: Revelations Resident Evil

Game Resident Evil: Revelations - Japanese video game for the portable console Nintendo 3DS, is a mixture of genres Action-adventure and Survival Horror. The project was developed by Capcom and is the eighth game of the main series. Gameplay combines the first and fourth. Developments happening on the ship. In the search for Chris Redfield, who was last seen on the GPS system abandoned cruise ship sent Jill Valentine and her partner in the BSAA, Parker Luciani. They will explore the abandoned ship, despite the fact that there are all sorts of dangers lurk. Besides the fact that on all sides surrounded by enemies, the guys accidentally discover virus T-Abyss. But what happens at this time with yourself Chris? Making his way through the mountains with Jessica Sherawat (new agent BSAA), shocked his comrades find - in front of them a terrorist organization headquarters Veltro. Of course, they now have to prevent terror, despite the fact that the survival of the monsters will be extremely difficult. Those who will be Resident Evil: Revelations will have to play to collect all his strength to undergo a series prepared for the tests. Getting first one big location, you discover that not all doors are ready to swing open immediately in front of you. Gameplay involves perform certain actions that will help open access to new areas of the map. This will require a search for access cards, keys, crack switchboards, solve puzzles. Go for it! From now on, your evenings are no longer languid!

To get to the gameplay before you need to download Resident Evil: Revelations. Time, this process does not take a lot, and quite sane system requirements, so that any problems you should not arise. Once run the game before you in all its grandeur comes alive Resident Evil: Revelations video. Since you have had the honor of dealing with a version with improved graphics (released in May 2013. on platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and PC), you do not have to be disappointed. All pretty realistic, so plunge into the atmosphere of the game can instantly.

So, you will not just hang on the location, but also fend off numerous monsters. This nightmare continues indefinitely, because different creatures climb out of the vent pipes emerge from the darkness, suddenly attacked and merciless as death itself. Besides the trouble never comes alone. Most often, the monsters attack in groups and you have to defend against two or three individuals simultaneously. During the battle, we must remember that the weakest point of any monster - a head. Well, shooting a certain honor their body, you can achieve the effect of slowing down. To make it clearer, what opponents will have to deal, we give some examples. Most have to meet with mutated male population ship - Ooze (fluid). This group of opponents has many varieties: standard, claw, hunk, tricorn. No less dangerous mutant female - Ocean slides that suddenly jump out of the water. Grabs and other vermin: Fenrir - infected with the wolf, Goby - having undergone mutation fish Skarmiglion - large creature, which is used to create a DNA shark Farfarello - improved using virus «t-Abyss» hunter who can become invisible and many others. Not cost the game Resident Evil: Revelations and without bosses. You will meet with different monsters. For example, Scagdead, Draghignazzo, Malacoda, etc. etc. At the final boss has exaggerated hand and heart, located in the chest. Defeating him, you can finally breath.

Once you have decided Resident Evil: Revelations download and carry out their plans, you need to think about how you want to control your character. They are many: and Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani and Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat and Keith Lumley and Quint Ketcham, and others. And each has its own characteristics - there are both advantages and disadvantages. One of the main differences between the characters - heroes preference of certain weapons. After Resident Evil: Revelations weapon has a great influence on the outcome of battles. Choosing a character, you thereby get access to some deadly tricks arsenal. Generally, you must understand one rule: nothing comes by itself. First aid kits and additional bonuses have to look and constantly replenish ammunition found by bags of ammunition. By the way, in the game there is one gizmo that you will love - this scanner «Genesis». With its help you explore the remains of the enemy and get additional kits. Well, welcome to the dark corridors! Stock up courage and go to a meeting for an adventure!


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