Royal story

Alternative names: Royal Story

When the first game-farm appeared, a real revolution took place in the gaming world. Time has passed very much since then, and farms are still very popular. New projects appear regularly. One of the most successful examples is the Royal Story game, designed for different age categories. Getting into the project, you try on yourself is not quite normal, as for farms, the image. But first things first!

Registration in the game

Korolevskaya story - the project is browser-based. Therefore, you can play immediately, without wasting time to download and install additional client programs. The only thing that you have to distract yourself before the start of the gameplay in the Royal Story registration. The interface of the game is adapted for Russian-speaking users, so there should not be problems with the registration process. The registration form is located directly on the main page of the game.

  1. In the first free field, write down the address of your electronic mailbox.
  2. Think and enter the password to enter your personal area.
  3. The last empty line is for the game name.

When you want to play, you can go much faster, instead of registering with an account with a Facebook account.

Features of the game process

You will start playing Royal Story with the choice of the image of your character. The choice is small - you can be a prince or a princess. Your guide in the project will be the glorious dwarf Max. He will tell you about the basic principles of the game and help to understand all the nuances in the management. From your new guide you will find out that you spent too much time under the spell. So now, having woken up, you should start to put things in order in the kingdom.

As in most similar projects, Royal Story online needs to develop its own land. Now the size of your land is minimal and the number of buildings on them is limited. Playing, you can explore and occupy new territories, build on them new residential buildings, factories, organize gardens and orchards.

Buy all you need for development in the store. All goods are divided into several categories:

  • vegetables and fruits;
  • Animal and manufactured goods;
  • ,
  • consumables;
  • decor items;
  • plants.

In each category - for several subcategories, so that you have a choice and quite a lot.

The main game resources

Del in Royal Story online you will have a lot. Your hero will be responsible for keeping the farm: plant plants, take care of them and collect them on time, feed animals, clean up the territory and build new buildings. Consider that each action takes away one energy point from you. This resource is restored with time, and yet it is recommended that you prioritize correctly. The main indicators that you should pay attention to during the game process are as follows:

  1. Gold coins - the main game currency.
  2. Rubins - another type of currency. They can buy better quality items.
  3. The heart is the most precious currency. For them in the game store you can buy this exclusive.
  4. The level of energy determines how many actions you can do right now. As the level increases, the number of allowable energy points increases.
  5. Whenever you play in the Royal Story, watch closely the experience. The more you store it, the sooner you will move to a new level.
  6. These so-called castle glasses determine the level of development of your buildings.

In the game you can visit friends, help them, get bonuses for it, and take help from neighbors.


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