Molehill Empire

Alternative names: Molehill Empire

Offers a free game Molehill Empire, will allow players to show their hidden talents in the economy and design.

Molehill Empire free browser game with an interesting, fun storyline and superb graphics. The player, as a cute gnome gardener, grow crops and at the same time, training in their economic knowledge.

Like other free games are Molehill Empire, though not large, but still, system requirements:

· Browser - Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

· Player Flash 9.

Entering Molehill Empire official website, you can immediately proceed with the registration

On the main page click on "Register" at the bottom, right-hand side plate Molehill Empire registration.

Next, open the table to fill

1. Select Server

2. Login

3. Password

4. Title garden

5. E-mail

6. Confirmation agree with all the rules

Available to play in Molehill Empire five servers to choose from:

· Server 1

· Server 2

· Server 3

· Server 4

· Server 5

So begins the introduction to garden.

Principle game Molehill Empire Online is the fulfillment of orders received from Dwarfs - Simpson coming to the garden and want to get fresh food.

Player needs to engage in planting seeds, growing and harvesting. Harvest increases Player Points. Also, the harvest can be sold to other players.

Game Molehill Empire developed to twenty-seven levels, increasing from points

· Salatomeshatel - beginner level player

· Bean Counter - provides new kinds of vegetables and address book for your contacts player

· Tomato dealer - more fresh vegetables and the ability to save personal reminders

· Lukometatel - fresh vegetables [ _3_]

· Urozhaenakopitel - new products [ _3_]

· Kartofeletsioner - new products and permission to visit the house Guild

· Green seller - you can relax in the garden and grow new vegetables

· Krotoohotnik - you can use the automatic landing, buy new garden and plant new goodies

· Small gardener - new products

· Blueberry Baron - fresh berries

· Dachnik horticulturist - blackberry currant with [ _2_]

· Amateur roses - roses for everyone [ _2_]

· Vegetable guru - vegetables [_2_ ]

· Knight cherries - more trees

· Signor Fence - fresh berries

· Guard nuts - new nuts and basil [ _2_]

· Rassadchik lilies - new products

· King orchids - flowers [ _3_]

· Crocus Pocus - different plant species [ _2_]

· Clear weeds - new plants

· Korneved - useful and tasty new species

· Sadoimperator - coffee and more available Player

· Superimperator - can be grown orange, cocoa and lily

· Fairy lilies - can be planted toritsu [_2_ ]

· Brugmansist - an interesting plant

· Baron beans - it's time to plant beans [ _2_]

· Super Dwarf - the highest, the last level

At level home use permit guild Molehill Empire Online, the player gets the opportunity to take part in building a wonder of the world:

· Palm Garden - after its construction, each participant will receive the guild gold cup

· Muhomornoe [ _472_] - a prize depends on the progress in the structure

Molehill Empire game in which you can apply your design skills, decorating a garden that will attract more buyers.

The game is very exciting, does not require pre-downloading and is suitable for people of all ages.


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