SilkRoad Online

Alternative names: Silk Road Online

Represent you online multiplayer role-playing game that will take you back in the days of ancient China, the Middle East and Europe. This is Silkroad Online game where the Great Silk Road is a connecting web between the worlds of Asia and Europe. You have the chance to make your adventures contribute to curlicue Silk Road.

Online game silkroad requires download and install the game on your computer. To do this, follow these steps:

1. In the main game site, download the game downloader (3. 2 megabytes)

2. Then run the downloaded file and open your game center.

3. There, select "My Games" where you can start downloading the game silkroad.

4. After this, run the download file download spend installing the game. When launching the game, you will automatically connect to the game server.

In order to plunge into the world of adventure silkroad play in it, your computer must meet the following minimum requirements:

Processor: Pentium 3 800 MHz or higher

Memory: 256 MB

Video level: GeForce2 or ATI 9000

Sound: DirectX 9 compatible. 0c map

Hard Disk: 4GB or more

Operating system: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista.

Next, you must be passed silkroad simple registration

1. In the "registration" on the main game site you specify the type of your character (merchant, hunter or thief)

2. Enter your new username (the name that you will learn on the game server)

3. New password confirmation. Also specify a secret question (your mother's maiden name, etc. ) And the answer, in case you forget your password.

4. E-mail

Next, you must confirm your acceptance of the rules of the game. All these data are sent as a request for registration. After some time on your confirmation email comes with a link to your profile in the game, then we can assume that the registration in the game Silkroad finished.

Currently silkroad online game includes 2 races: Europeans and Chinese.

European race. Play the game silkroad online for European race can using six character classes: warrior, mage, sorcerer, bard, a priest and a robber. Each class is unique and has special features in the game. European race is fully focused on the game group that compensates for individual players weakness. Each class in the group have their own tasks that match his abilities.

Chinese race.

Chinese race does not preclude individual routes and armed with a variety of weapons: sword, bow, spear. Development of proficiency in a particular weapon allows the player to combine it with other species and to follow the development of a unique branch. Playing as the character of the Chinese race, you can develop your character alone, without the help of the group.

Silk Road Online game is updated regularly, and silkroad online world is changing. So perhaps the emergence of new races, characters and classes.

As mentioned above, during registration, you will choose a profession

For which you are invited to play in the preparation of silkroad level 20. Three of them: Merchant, Hunter, Rogue.

Merchant. To play the game online silkroad for traders after getting level 20 head to the Guild of Merchants. Joining the guild you create an alias and new clothes merchant. After this loan organizational issues: buy trucks, create a group with other traders and hunters to better protect the caravan, purchase goods and drive it to other cities for bargain-hunting.

Hunter. Hunter's task is to protect the caravans from attacking bandits and monsters. For this, he gets a percentage of sales traders. You can become a hunter after getting level 20, joined the Hunter Guild and organized groups (caravan) with traders and other hunters.

Rogue. After joining a guild level 20 Outlaw you get up to the road of adventure, where to survive you need to do looting passing caravans creating a gang with other thieves. Should be wary of hunters who receive a reward for your head.

Silkroad online game (Silk Road) - the creation of the Korean company Joymax, which thanks to its external beauty and interactivity of the world will wipe your nose many online games in the same genre. You can create a character is individually and independently from the game. All that matters is your gaming environment and your solutions. Register silkroad immerse you in the world of travel on the ancient world megacities (Baghdad, Constantinople, Damascus), as well as other unprecedented magical city. It's a world of adventure for gamers who travel from all over Asia, America and Europe. Join them!

Adventures in the World Silk Road online waiting for you!


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