Alternative names: Smythe, Smith

Game SMITE is a multiplayer online game, events that occur on the third person. SMITE Online game created in the style of MOBA and exclusively for the operating system Windows.

In SMITE registration provided the person who has attained at least 13 years. If you are younger, you will not be given access to this game.

To register in the game SMITE you must perform the following steps:

1) Find game site on the Internet. Be sure to check whether this is the official site.

2) In the site after the movie you should see a green button that says «Play for free». Click on this button.

3) Near the first cell will be written Username - this means that here you need to write your name.

4) In the second cell, you must specify Password, ie write your password.

5) In the third cell email Password Confirm - this means that you need to enter the password again.

6) Finally, select Email - your email address.

Next, you will need to, put a tick if you have 13 years or more. And if you agree to receive emails from the game, then the mark should not be removed.

7) After all this, click «Create account».


But after registration, you still will not be able to play the game SMITE. You still need to download additional game client. To do this, perform the following:

1. On the main page, after the button «Play for free», you will see a button «Download game». Click on it.

2. Before then you will have a red button with the same inscription, but more will be listed on it the file size of 2.6 GB. If you click it, you will be prompted for permission to download this file. If you agree, then click "OK" if it is not, click "Cancel."

3. After downloading, be sure to install this file.


Before playing SMITE, you need to make sure that your computer has a capacity of not less than specified:

Core 2 Duo 2,2 GHz - Processor:

2 GB - Memory:

512 MB - Video card:

6 GB - Winchester (Hard disk drive).


In SMITE you will play instead of the usual heroes of the gods that were in Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and other mythologies. In SMITE Online now has thirty nine gods. From the outset, you will be open five gods, but then during the game will open others.

Game Smythe gives each subject three levels of improvement. With each level the thing is getting better and better.

This game is much more loyal to the Colts games. There is no need to take extra sharpness.

Sign in the game and get set SMITE positive. This game is sure to immerse you in your head with the world that different events.

Do not delay the start of the game for later, and proceed to her right now. Good luck in the game SMITE.


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