Alternative names: SoccerStar

SoccerStar online - free browser multiplayer game sports genre, is framed in a humorous style. Developers project, L39 Studios, and published by acts Like Dynamite. In the game world you should not take on the grueling role of coach, instead you yourself will run around the pitch and score goals, feeling the freedom and the joy of victory. Your character - a novice player, which in the future is destined to become a real star. You will surely lead him to a brighter future, perfecting his skill blows. What can score more goals, the faster will come recognition. Choose your position and forth to fame!

SoccerStar registration opens the door to the sport with all its prospects. Create account is not difficult. You have to enter in the field of special shape such information: player name, email address, password. You must also choose the gender, but also to put a tick in the confirmation of the acceptance of general terms and rules of the game. By the way, during character creation, you can select appearance, then there exists a function, how to change the face.

Play SoccerStar available to all comers. Load will not have anything. System requirements are low, and therefore does not have to worry that if the configuration of the computer is the same cool performance. The main thing that was installed platform Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, was available one of the modern browsers and Internet was connected.

So, you become someone of ambitious players. What specifically will you do? It depends on what profession choose from the following options: striker, midfielder, defender and goalkeeper. Depend on the class of the functions that will be assigned to you during matches. But in any case will have to deal with such parameters as direction of impact, the angle of impact, spin the ball and the force of impact. Will be able to expose them correctly - believe that success in your pocket!

Become a member of the football club - then together with your buddy to achieve the heights of sporting career. Remember that only by working together, you can win the opposing team. It is not the kind of sport where every man for himself. Incidentally, if desired, by the time you can create your own club if you do not like to be part of one of the existing ones. Possible for the club some improvements, namely coach, manager and stadium.

Much depends on the preparation for the next match. Beginning SoccerStar play you just have to constantly train your hero. Other factors affect the well-being a football player, and hence on his confidence. These are clothes that can be changed through kostyumizatsii and, of course, food. If you can grasp the meaning of life of an athlete, SoccerStar game will be very exciting for you to exercise.

By the way, SoccerStar online players accounts and earn money. Otherwise, where's the money to take all necessary? You'll earn game currency and stars. While the level of earnings depends on your same popularity. Soon you will be able to afford and a decent holiday and good food, and cool clothes.

Perhaps you are interested in the question of how often you can go on the field with the ball, to showcase their talents. Championships last for seventeen days and every day during this time clubs hold two games a day. So it will not be bored! It should say that the team initially staffed by computer characters, it is necessary for you to start immediately able to drive the ball.


Funny football game is different in that the gameplay is easy to grasp. Even if you've never played in real life running around the pitch the last time back in school time, anyway you chances on par with other gamers, though they boast a wealth of experience. You quickly learn and understand all the nuances. Soon will catch myself thinking that day and can not live without artifacts colorful game! Join now, to develop their own dividends! The longer play the substantial fee, and therefore opportunities. Let life footballer bring you pleasure! Enjoy the gameplay!


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