Soldier of Fortune

Alternative names: Soldier of Fortune
Game Soldier of Fortune is a typical first-person shooter. It is truly a man's strategy! Situation in the game is so realistic, and the characters so recognizable. The story is laid confrontation gangs, corrupt government action coalitions. So, Thomas Mason and Miller receive important task, namely, to ensure the safety of an important Chinese policy - Lee Kuan as life person at gunpoint. Quite unexpected turn become an event when Miller himself hunts for Lee Kuan. As it turned out, the opposite side of his partner has been proposed, where a large amount of money for the death than to life protected! Miller hired soldiers attacked and Mason himself, but in the ensuing battle the latter is stronger. Lee Kuan elimination policy has led to international conflicts. For this reason, Mason will have to go to the Middle East, Asia, Ukraine and Africa to thwart the plans of an international terrorist Ethan Wall. And it's not the end! Soldier of Fortune online- an endless trail of war. If you Soldier of Fortune, then you're the master of the world with the-art military technology and influential allies. As a soldier of fortune play so exciting! Believe me, everyone who will be called a soldier of fortune, offers modern tactical battles with real opponents. This can be a duel or a massive confrontation. During the game, will be faced with a variety of criminal gangs. At your disposal an infinite number of cards, they allow you to keep fighting in the most unlikely places: on land and on the water, if not in the villas of drug lords, the deaf endless catacombs ... In this case, you'll have your own base, equipped with the latest electronics; as you wish you can upgrade it. In your arsenal of many types of weapons, which can be significantly improved. Imagine, some of them are real-life models of weapons, as well as objects of extraterrestrial technology! Each player is presented with several combat classes. People will choose (sniper, stormtrooper, scout or gunner) depends only on your method of warfare. Play the game Soldier of Fortune anyone can test yourself in an emergency situation. Gameplay is very clear: the player moves through the linear levels, completing quests, overcoming the resistance of the enemy. Initially, the player can choose a variety of small arms and grenades. Only after each completed task in the arsenal offers additional new weapons. The game can not be denied addictive! To begin, it is necessary to carry out the gameplay visit the official game site, where registration will take place. Soldier of Fortune registration types and will not cause any problems. It is carried out as follows: enter your e-mail address, username and password, will be given the license agreement. Soldier of Fortune online is not a primitive game of "war games", a real man's game! Do You want to feel a flurry of adrenaline? Then join selective fighters who have tested their way hero! Pretty contemplate side! Test your ingenuity, skill and reaction! Be the best of the best Soldier of Fortune!

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