Space Pioneers 2

Alternative names: Space Pioneers 2

Space Pioneers 2 online - this space browser strategy, where to fight for power in space. The goal - to create an invincible empire in the galaxy, colonizing favorite planet, developing industrial complex interplanetary or creating an impregnable outpost.

Online game Space Pioneers 2 does not require the installation of the game client and is available in any modern browser. All that is needed to start the game, it's Register Space Pioneers 2.

On the main page there is a registration form, where you can choose the method of registration, there are two.

First, by using an account on Facebook or Google, by clicking on the appropriate button and follow the instructions provided by the registration in the game.

If you do not register an account on Facebook and Google, then you have to use the second method, register Looki-account directly from the site of the game: in the registration fields enter a login (name), e-mail and password, then accept the agreement with the rules of the game and press "Registration". Registration on this game Space Pioneers 2 finished. Then you can click "Play! . "

Important! Looki-registering an account, you will automatically have access to all games community!

The main objective of the player is to build and develop their galactic empire. To achieve this goal it will be necessary to construct several important buildings, which will provide resources for the construction and development of the Empire.

Online game Space Pioneers 2 has three types of resources: metal, crystal and Tritium.

Metal and Crystals are needed in order to be able to build a building, as well as for the study of research, however, for some purposes it may be necessary also Tritium (it is also used as a fuel for ships).

In addition to these resources, there are still nanobots - is a paid resource that can reduce the time of the construction of buildings, ships and time studies.

The game has a value such as energy (it signals about the remaining and the total amount of energy).

Space Pioneers 2 online game for the development of its empire has such buildings

Metalloshahta, Kristalloshahta Synthesizer and tritium - these buildings provide the necessary resources for building;

SES, GPP and wind turbines - the buildings involved in the production of the necessary energy;

Shipyard - here will build new ships, in addition, reduces the shipyard built them;

Laboratory - will be studied here the different studies, in addition, reduces the time of their laboratory study;

Building Trust - this building reduces the construction of all buildings;

Trading database - you can make trades between players and rent Voyager;

Exchanger - here you can convert unneeded military units in resources and rent, as he Exchanger and Megautilizator;

Androidozavod - thanks to him, significantly reduces the construction of other buildings, ships and defense

University - thanks to him less time to study research;

Prombaza - allows you to add construction sites, can be carried out in parallel construction of mines and energy facilities.

Game Space Pioneers 2 online has two specializations: Merchant and Warrior.

If you like fighting, maintain up the battle, then it is better to choose - the Warrior, and if priority is placed conducting peace missions, then it is better - Merchant.

For more information about these two professions can be read on gaming forums.

The game has eight sections: Economy, Ships, Service, Navy, System, Trade, and Other Players. Each section has its own menu, which you can select an item for a particular game problem. So, play the game Space Pioneers 2 online is quite interesting.

Please note that the first 14 days of your character will be protected from attack, so starting to play the game online Space Pioneers 2, I recommend to use it to catch develop their planet.

Another very interesting feature of this game, it's Holiday. Being on vacation, your fleet and planets partially transformed into another subspace that does not allow other participants in the game, in many ways, to attack your empire. Moreover, during the holidays, mines continue to extract resources (not at full capacity), ships continue to meet and build buildings.

Like many other games, there is a possibility if you want to join the Alliance or create your own. Whereby, there are some advantages in the game.

In general, play Space Pioneers 2 is fun and exciting to everyone who loves space adventure.

Space Pioneers 2 Online registration is open to all comers, this mysterious world!


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