Alternative names: Spore
We sincerely do not believe that there are people who are not familiar with this line of games like The Sims. If you also do not get one of the "barbarians" (do not get me wrong and do not perceive as an insult, but I think we were any more or less self-respecting gamer should know, at least approximately, what constitutes this game), remember that As developers of this brilliant project is a famous company Maxis. And being familiar with one of the most interesting and successful projects of these guys can not help you understand what they do and the quality of the game with soul. Here you have another confirmation of this - the game Spore. This project can, in fact, do not even comment on - just look at a couple of screenshots and everything will be immediately obvious. The game is really nice, and even the most skeptical critics could not argue with this fact. Lovely animation, excellent graphics, great characters, simple, but no less interesting plot - all this game dispute. This well-executed simulator. The project so far is unique, and therefore can safely hold the palm of simulators on the space theme. Spore on the computer tells the story of evolution. More precisely, this game is a simulator and the evolution of life. Due to successfully fit into the gameplay elements of strategy and action games space project does not get bored. Returning to the story, tell you that according to the legend on the desert planet meteorite falls. In this cosmic body is tough - it contains a new life. Even despite the fact that the meteorite quite small, life brought them to overcome the Spore Galactic Adventures of varying complexity, will be sufficient to establish a new race, and such that could quickly and easily do the colonization of nearby planets. However, all this is not soon enough. Ahead you will have to overcome a lot of difficulties - the game consists of several basic stages of development. Initially, you start to play Spore small but very sweet worm. Zhivotinka so carefree and pretty, that just is not able to not bring a smile to your face. The main task of the worm - a timely and shat-tight. In fact, from the very beginning of the game, this mission will be the most important for you. Immediately begin gameplay you do not get, since for testing project will need to download Spore. Experience is not necessary - modern technology to help cope with this puzzles in minutes. Going into the game, you will see for yourself that it is made with high quality. Stages of development replace one another pretty quickly, so you simply will get bored once. All stages differ greatly as mechanics and set important missions. This game can speak for very long, however, test it and find out for himself will be much more effective solution. Not to "buy a pig in a poke", you can see a video trailer for Spore.

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