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Game Star Citizen space simulator under development Corporation Cloud Imperium Games is preparing to release in 2016, although it was originally planned for release in 2015. In it, players can explore a huge world in multiplayer mode, pass the mission on their own and cooperate in small private groups.

Developers wishing to offer Star Citizen download as the release of add-ons, paying each individually, or wait for the full version of the game. Many gamers have decided to choose the first option than the studio helped raise the necessary funds for further work. And the money was even more than enough. If the project manager Chris Roberts, hoped to gather 2 million. dollars, turned over 100 million by December 2015 to his credit. This shows confidence in the players in the project and want more to join in full flow.

Features and plot.

The developers are trying to do is not just a good toy, but a realistic simulator, which will be animated all the details of the ship, which in life can be mobile. Players can also add your own objects, such as ships. When the game is officially released and will be possible to download the Star Citizen, modification tools will be presented in the public domain. Among other features of the game authentic languages ​​for basic 3- star races, and all five of them:

  • Lyudi inhabitants of the earth once and now space rangers United Earth Empire. On Earth, it remains the capital and the cultural, commercial and political center is located on Terra.
  • Tevariny first civilization, greeted people. In their culture, there is worship of cold steel knife, so its image everywhere. Great importance is given to the collection of trophies (weapons, bones of enemies, religious symbols, etc.).
  • Zi Ane friendly minded people like reptile humanoids. They are vigorous trade, developed tourism, there is an exchange of technological advances.
  • Banu and friendly people civilization.

Meeting with them was unexpected for a man, and not all travelers embraced newcomers with joy. Along with adequate races there are also militant strictly guard their borders against intruders.

People have to remain in constant combat readiness, building their own warships, strengthening the fleet of heavy aircraft carriers and light fighters. Naturally, players will gradually seek opportunities to expand its fleet, completing quests, participating in missions, learning space open spaces. But having learned the principle of control unprepossessing small millers, and even learned to give it resistance to outsiders, will be pleased to transfer to a solid cruiser without experiencing difficulties with its development.

The Star Citizen on a PC provides pumping ships, and each will increase gradually characteristics. But if you lose one of the spaceships in battle, you can only make up for the damage of the new acquisition, which will have to raise to its former level again, spending money.

Sandbox Roberts Space Industries offers gamers unlimited possibilities when you can to decide what to do: to drill asteroids, trade with neighbors to develop a pirate career.

System requirements indicative

  • For RSI is planned to support Linux and OS X
  • OS: Windows Vista / 7 /8/10 (x64)
  • 8Gb RAM and vyshe
  • Chetyrehyaderny protsessor
  • Videokarta with DirectX 11 support and memory of 1Gb

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