State of Decay 2

Alternative names: State of Dickey 2

Game State of Decay 2 choose life!

The State of Decay 2 is a long-awaited continuation of the well-known first part, which has a huge number of fans. In the new version, the authors propose to continue the adventures in a world that is plunged into utter chaos. The development of science has brought humanity to the apocalypse, people turned into zombies without life, feelings and any restrictions. Even those who still have their hearts beating have ceased to be people in the usual sense, their goal is to survive, therefore there are no moral principles and laws do not apply. Everything revolves around the sole goal of not becoming the walking dead.

As developers promise to play the game State of Decay 2 will be available from various devices, it is available for PC under Microsoft Windows 10 and Xbox One. Information about the new little, but with confidence we can talk about the continuation of the storyline. The virtual world will become even more dangerous, and there will not be enough resources for everyone to survive. Enemies will not only be resurrected corpses, but also survivors. You can only rely on true friends, the crazed inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic world are even more dangerous than zombies, they are ready to go for any trick, meanness and cruelty for the sake of profit in order to take away the supplies that go so hard.

Announce the game as a client, in order to take the path of the struggle it will be necessary to download State of Decay 2, and after that you will have to pass authorization. After these not tricky procedures, an ominous and terrible world will open up in front of the players, in which each person has his own survival strategy.

Features State of Decay 2.

Game developers promise an open virtual world even more than in the previous part, and in it it was 16x16 kilometers. The graphics should also hit the players with realism and powerful special effects. Depending on the chosen strategy, you can play in State of Decay 2, both independently and in the company of friends. Each character has its own set of personal characteristics:

  • Appearance;
  • Personality;
  • Skills;
  • Knowledge.

. Part of them is available at the initial choice, and some skills will have to be obtained, passing step by step. Innovation in this game is that in addition to the choice of personal data of the hero, such as profession, skills and character, they also have disadvantages. So for example, a hero may be prone to alcoholism or even be a drug addict, or may simply panic in a difficult situation.

modes in the game are two paths of loners and a community of four characters. The company will be absolutely unique, and accordingly their history is the same. In order to move in the game you need to take care of the most necessary weapons, medicines, food, water and of course a well-fortified base, preferably with a roof over your head and security facilities. In this universe, resources are very limited, getting them entrenched in one area will not work, which is why the authors have built a wide range of communications. Firstly, it is easier for the team to fight, secondly, it is possible to unite with other teams, and thirdly, acquiring new lands can meet both friendly alliances and very aggressively-minded ones. And with some it will be possible to conclude a mutually beneficial agreement and sell or buy surplus resources.

Teamwork will not be limited by choosing a multi player mode, a cooperative of four characters, they can be easily divided to achieve common goals, for example, one to cover rear, two will go in search of the necessary store that has survived, and the fourth will play the role of driver waiting for comrades.

Buy State of Decay 2 can be already in June 2017, while the developers are very modestly sharing information, and the gaming community is at a loss and suspects new releases.


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