Steel Legions

Alternative names: Steel Legions


Steel Legions online game - stunning thriller network, which perfectly match the team battles with individual strategies of individual players. Dynamic multiplayer shooter gets hold of your attention from the very first minutes. You will learn how to manage the vast futuristic cars, upgrade them to think of tactical moves to win the team hated enemies. Concerted action with the faction give confidence and the feeling that you certainly poderzhat reliable allies, gives excitement. Extraction of valuable resources and the conquest of territories - a good incentive to give all the best to the full on the battlefield. Steel Legions online events develop in an alternate reality. Choosing the party for whom will fight to the death, you hereby determine your path in life in this colorful and simultaneously cruel world.

There is a possibility Steel Legions play without installing a client. But, if you wish, you can download a small client size. System requirements for the game are different modesty. Main parameters - operating system Windows, processor Pentium , a modern browser and an internet connection. You will also be asked to register in the game Steel Legions, which will open the door and into the unknown universe where rage saturated bloody events. Account is created as follows: Entered username, password thought out, reportedly email address and date of birth. Then you have to tick that you accept the terms and conditions of the Privacy nominated project and Steel Legions registration is completed.

As already mentioned, to play Steel Legions, you must choose a side. Steel Legions, Pandora Rebels, Golden Territories and Tundran Warriors постоянноконфликтуютдругсдругом . Empire Phoenix is ​​located in the cold mountainous terrain. Residents of this fraction prefer a rational way of life, because they are completely spoiled. And they are used in advance to plan any event. Pandora is also the fate of the rebels does not indulge. They live in the desert where there is no possibility at all to extract natural resources. However, representatives of the faction win back them from their rivals, and thereby can keep afloat. Completely different things in Golden Territories. All in abundance here, and the people will never know the needs. Such a life made them somewhat lazy and indecisive when it comes to serious military issues. Wasteful life they like, and why change anything when the wealth itself is floating in hands. Warriors of Nature - the most severe faction. It made such adverse living conditions. Children of nature have learned to adapt to different conditions, so do not afraid of any difficulties. Moreover, they just love their country and are willing to break every place on anyone who dares to encroach on their ownership.

Since the game's plot is based on the hostilities, peace you can only dream of. Your potential enemies are fractions of other players. Remember that the more land otvoyuete - so will your faction influential in the vast virtual universe. Also have to fight with looters who and strive to take away your property. There is an opportunity to do a steal resources. Do not bother, it's not really a fair way to get hold of the necessary means. After all, this war will suit all the facilities you would only achieve our goal. Remember that wealth allows us to improve the technique, which is in your possession. A powerful technique - the key to success in military operations. Do not forget to take care of the appropriate weapons. Tanks can be installed on different modules, systems, tools, and even guns.

It is worth mentioning that play the game Steel Legions You will not only participating in the eternal battles. There are many classes that should pay attention to in their spare time. For example, trade. The staffs there is a market every empire Marketplace. And it will agree, very convenient.

Game Steel Legions prepared for you a lot of pleasant surprises. Machine-style science fiction porazhat your imagination. 3D graphics gives a sense of reality. And the ability to apply strategic skills will be enjoyed by anyone who wants to achieve dizzying results. Game developers, the company Splitscreen Studios GmbH, have tried their best to ensure that you get maximum enjoyment from the gameplay. It only remains to wish you a game of passion and a positive attitude!


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