Elemental Lords

Alternative names: Stormriders

The Lords of Elements revived legend

The Game of the Lords of Elements was created for those who like to control the entire game process on their own, completely immersed in the virtual world. In this project, the player will have to master the fighting style of kongfu with his character, becoming a brave fighter on the side of good and fighting with evil armies and monsters.

At the core of the plot lies the legend of Wind and Cloud, the player has an excellent opportunity to become part of this ancient legend and travel back to the magical world filled with s

exciting adventures. In iPlayer, the Masters of the Elements of martial art is beyond the scope of human capabilities, a character can achieve such excellence that the forces of nature will begin to obey him.

Multiplayer role-playing project is incredibly colorful, well thought out and designed that the player will get a lot of pleasure in this fantastic universe.

Opportunities of the game Lords of the Elements

In the project The Masters of Elements registration is necessary, as in other browser games, to make it very simple, you need to enter in the form of an e-mail address and come up with a password. Registration can also be done using a social networking account. After this not difficult procedure, the player will open the world of battles, amazing quests and combat feats.

On the user's choice, the project developers offer four characters, each of which has its own history, has unique abilities and takes its place in the legend:

  • Oblako - the name of the cold-blooded warrior;
  • Wind - a hero, well wielding weapons and possessor of a big heart;
  • Yasinka - loyal and strong heroine of the legend;
  • The Dream is a wonderful warrior.

Having chosen a character, the player chooses his role in the legend and the skills and fate of his heroic path in which he has to discover new lands, free the cities from villains and fight with bloodthirsty monsters depend on it.

The project authors have maximally involved the player in the events taking place, the game is highly dynamic, in it every battle takes place under the control of the player, there are no boring turn-based battle strategies, so the gamer should have a good reaction and make decisions quickly. There are also zones in the project where players meet in battles with each other, for example in a quest where you need to catch fire macaques. In competing with real opponents, you will have to show all the skill and skill of dexterity.

Even the most experienced players in the Lord of Elements project will be difficult to play on their own, so the developers have provided for the team play function. Users can unite in guilds, together it is much easier to cope with a large number of attacking enemies. The more players in the squad, the stronger he is, and the team gains additional experience. Friends in the game are needed not only to exchange gifts and ask for help, but also to increase the skills of your character and develop it faster.

Another great feature in the game is that before leaving the project, the player can put the character in meditation mode. In this state, the hero will complete quests and accumulate combat experience, for which he will earn spirit points. Thanks to the strength of the spirit, various skills can be improved, and here, in addition to standard skills in attack and defense, there is also the ability to control the forces of nature.

The character improvement system and the game itself are so well thought out by the authors that the player will not remain indifferent to this project, and stunning special effects and sound content will give a state of complete immersion in another reality.


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