Stronghold Crusader

Alternative names: Stronghold Crusader
Game Stronghold Crusader - this is perhaps the most famous game made in real time. About lineup Stronghold fans know all strategies, and this project is a good example of quality. Development of the project dealt Firefly Studios. The official presentation of the project to the people was held back in 2002, so that it can be safely attributed to the rarities. But what! At one time, gamers around the world were at the computer day and night, playing in the SC, but segodnyaschy lovers of quality games is resorted to the lineup Stronghold, in general, and of the Crusader, in particular. Stronghold Crusader game takes you to the picturesque south-eastern territory. From now on you will meet daily with the bloodthirsty sheikhs and wander through the scorching sands in the hope to quickly get to the shade of palm trees and apple orchards. The only thing left unchanged Crusaders - kept their previous game point. You just as before, it will be necessary to build the fortress and try to do everything possible to develop a strong infrastructure on their lands. Thus necessarily will need to ensure that each of your work in no way needed and was happy with the working conditions. To gameplay began the tradition will need to download Stronghold Crusader. Due to the fact that the project was developed over ten years ago today it can be called almost universal. That is suitable for all possible modern computers and laptops. Stronghold Crusader will help you create the most optimal and successful development strategy, will teach the care and accuracy. Look forward to regular attacks on their own land, that you as the future ruler of the largest and most developed state, will beat with dignity. Now playing Stronghold Crusader would be much more interesting thanks to a variety of innovations. In the new project developers decided to implement mercenary camp. Here you'll find the most powerful, agile and daring warriors that will help you in implementing plans. Hero you have to choose from a fairly large number of races. Despite the fact that race and mission Stronghold Crusader not really updated, they will be enough to drag attention of gamers for many months. Download game Stronghold Crusader possible and for her schedule. Of course, compared to the contemporary works of art geymerskogo old lady looks a bit "obscenities", but even today it does not seem dated. In short, it's a good excuse ponostalgirovat for those who stood at the helm geymerskogo art in 2002, and a great opportunity to learn the youth, with what began as one of the most popular game to date. Now you can see for Stronghold Crusader video trailer. As practice shows, it just did fall in love with at first sight, causing the project to download and test (or, of course, remember what it was) himself.

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