Super Mario 3D World

Alternative names: Super Mario 3D World
Broadest series of games with Mario constantly sets new records and charming diversity of their ideas. Super Mario 3D World game continued the good tradition and presented newest adventure gamers and increased holiday atmosphere. More funny, rich and diverse world in 3D format, so even with the HD-resolution will be hard to find! In Super Mario 3D WORLD we find ourselves in a souped world Sprixie Kingdom, where we need to save the seven fairies (previously given characters did not appear). Participate in the rescue will be as before the old, but it is well-known and already favorite characters Luigi and two brothers Mario. One of them is known as a klutz, and the other, which is a red cap, became famous as a true hero of the scourge! For the first time this inseparable pair join narrowed Mario, Princess Peach beauty and true mushroom Toad from the Mushroom Kingdom, who remains optimistic than ever. Gamers Super Mario 3D World pc expects eight story worlds and four bonus world with a higher level of complexity, they will be available after the development of the storyline. Each of these worlds is divided into several levels. The main difference from previous versions is that you will be able to freely move around the map of each world, collect life, coins and seek additional hidden levels. Will be rewarded generously those players who will investigate not only the levels, but the world map. The main innovation was the same items to enhance, for example cat suit, by which any one of the characters has the ability to climb walls, run faster, and with the grace of a cat to attack enemies. Also among the new products can be observed twin cherries that create copies absolute heroes, and then the player controls all copies created together. It is now possible small army or luidzhat Toad! Individual levels even require accumulate due to the number of twins, it will be opened to access the secret. Starting Super Mario 3D World play you realize how easy it can be said with ease, managed here, literally a couple of buttons. Arsenal active techniques contains: acceleration, jumping and a couple of types of attacks. And be sure of this abound! In order to proceed with the gameplay you only need to Super Mario 3D World download on the official website of the game and go through the quick and easy registration. Super Mario 3D World survey shows only a small portion of all the delights that are in the game. The most interesting thing you can see and enjoy only when headlong plunge into the events of the game already. And believe me, this game is worth it! In the meantime, a little raise the veil and add bright colors to your imagination Super Mario 3D World video trailer. Summing up, we can safely say that the game developers was a success! And she win the hearts of not only fans of the plumber with a mustache, but also those who are familiar with Mario superficially.

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