Supreme Commander

Alternative names: Supreme Commander

Game Supreme Commander is a computer game that was developed in the strategy genre. Actions in the game take place in real time.

Here you will plunge into chaos in the days when the world ceased to exist on earth.


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In Supreme Commander you will play during the fall of the Earth Empire, when all began to reign chaos.

Before you start to play, take a look about the game Supreme Commander video. It will reveal all the features of the game introduces you to game factions, weapons and resources in the game Supreme Commander


In the computer game Supreme Commander, there are three factions:

1. Cybran - people-symbiotes. Their leader, who invented them, strive to release them from the constant onslaught and subordination.

2. Eon - is a fraction that does not belong to the earthlings, but they seek to help people and are on their side. Their race was destroyed by the warring Empire. Their goal is that all the people took their ideology. Those who would resist the rejection of ideology and ordered to be destroyed.

3. OFZ (United Federation of Earthlings) - this is a common fraction, which includes only the people. They seek to unite all the people who should rule the earth. Their weapons - it tanks, artillery and cannons. Their defense is the same as now.


Supreme Commander game in which there are six missions for each faction. However, each mission can be time consuming. The main aim of the game is to capture the entire military equipment.

SC game in which you will use the following types of equipment and force protection

1) Land. It includes: light and heavy tanks, mobile artillery units, as well as scouts robopehota, mobile shield generators.

2) Air - it gunships, fighters, bombers, transports, spy planes.

3) Water technology, amphibians - submarines strategic and tactical, cruisers, battleships, destroyers, ships intelligence and counterintelligence.

4) Fixed appliances, defenses, defensive installations, mines with strategic and tactical missiles, long-range artillery.


There are several types of resources in the game Supreme Commander:

1) Matter - a resource that is essential for development.

2) Energy - a resource, the amount of which is very important for the development of units.


With each level will unlock new items to help your characters gain experience.

Your units can also gain experience points after the destruction of enemies. This experience will strengthen your armor characters.

The game also has unique abilities, which are available only for certain achievements.

The game Supreme Commander integrated chat, thanks to which you can chat with other players.

Imagine the real hero of the game Supreme Commander and go to their goal. Follow the mission, communicate with friends and just having a good time.



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