Alternative names: Survarium

Game Survarium - free multiplayer first-person shooter that brings users into the unknown future. You find yourself in a muddled time matured in the world after the environmental disaster. The reasons for its unknown. But the results are there. Anomalies occur that do not know what is happening around animals desperately attacking industrial complexes and other objects behave like mad and poultry plants unprecedented sprout through the thickness of asphalt and concrete. City surrounded by a dense ring of impenetrable forests, which are also trying to get into the territory of human habitation. While all the processes at an incredible rate. Scientists in a panic, because nobody knows how to stop such chaos. Man becomes increasingly difficult to survive in the ensuing anarchy. What do you expect people who have fallen into a panic if they can adapt to life in a new environment - learn all you can, starting to play Survarium.

Door opens into a fantastic universe Survarium registration. You must create an account, and then activate it by clicking on the special link that has the relevant letter sent by the administration. Fill in the registration form need the following fields: user name, email address (repeat in the next line), password (with confirmation), time zone, date of birth, country name. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. But do not be lazy and to provide full information. In confirmation of registration must be entered in a particular field code from the image. And finally mandatory agreeing with the rules of the forum.

Allow Survarium play computer configuration must meet the following parameters: operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/8; DirectX compatible sound card, graphics card Nvidia GeForce 8800 512 mb and higher versions of DirectX 10; processor average power, not less than 2 GB of RAM and an Internet connection 64 KB \ s and more. Need to control the keyboard and mouse.

Once transported to a fantasy world, be able to play Survarium free, but to succeed you need to have a certain amount of knowledge. Let us consider the series of design features Vostok Games. You will be given the choice of modes:

1. PVP (team play)

2. PVE (free play)

3. Co-op (cooperative game).

Basically the gameplay consists of attacks. You will carry out different missions, which will require appropriate equipment. Take care of decent armor, you do not want to ruin the job. Each day will have to destroy the pesky mutants, as well as to deal with competitors, ruthlessly killing them. All the inhabitants of the universe - or destitute vagabonds were in the past, ordinary citizens of the planet, or desperate marauders, who decided that they had nothing to lose, or confused representatives once powerful armies left alone with a rebellious nature. And they're all looking for shelter in the new cutthroat world. Players find their own kind, and are grouped jointly seek shelter for themselves. Created whole camp. To feel comfortable in his camp you will need different resources. Will produce not only artifacts, but also food, water, medicines, as well as stocking gasoline. Successfully completed assignment increases credibility. In addition, so you earn money.

To be able to survive in Survarium online , you need an appropriate combat training, properly chosen strategy, the ability to apply on time, correctly and most importantly, accessible medicines. Increase your chances of skills and covert action. There is a harness that is able to make you invisible to the enemy. But first it is necessary to learn to use.

Game Survarium offers the user to try on roles such as Scout, Archer, Hunter artifacts, Stalker, The Punisher, Bruiser. Choose what most like to meet and go to a memorable adventure. During gameplay tirelessly Suck hero, boosting its performance. The main parameters are: health, weight, energy, masking, protection, insulation, oxygen.

Are you able to adapt to extreme conditions and become a hero of modern times? It depends on your perseverance and strength of character! Try it! And may you always leads the lady luck!




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