Star Wars: Attack Squadrons

Alternative names: Star Wars: Attack Squadrons
Good news for all fans of Star Wars, because finally started indoor Star Wars: Attack Squadrons beta test. All stories related to Star Wars automatically get into the story. This legendary adventure story of Lucas Arts is known to everyone. Movies about these intergalactic adventures exactly would be included in the school curriculum, if there was some thing like "Filmovedeniya" well, or something like that. But now is not it - on the agenda for the game Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. The project can not simply make a blunder, because it involved the release of those who are best versed in online gaming, and he knows all the secrets of the saga. These are the companies Disney and Lucas Arts. To date, we have not so much useful information about the project, as we would have liked, but one can say for sure it is a quality online game that has taken the focus on dogfights. It is assumed that during gameplay, gamers will be able to select the appropriate aircraft, improve and modernize them. Right now, anyone can submit a request to participate in a closed beta test Star Wars: Attack Squadrons online. You can do this by typing in a special online form your own email inbox and password to login. In future all gamers who have a Disney-account, will be able to take part in the gameplay, even bypassing the registration process. In the meantime, to fill out an application form to participate in the test should not cause any problems. Though the entire interface of the game is still not adapted for English-speaking users, management can be dealt with on a purely visceral level. Returning to the description of the game itself Star Wars: Attack Squadrons online, it's worth noting that the choice of gamers will be available real spaceships (as possible), but rather those that are presented in a screen adaptation of the universe of Star Wars. During the game, everyone will be able to take part in a crazy race in outer space and unpredictable battles. The project also drew attention to all their fans updated rules: in any fight in Star Wars can participate up to 16 people. Developers were also announced three basic modes in which everyone will be able to Star Wars: Attack Squadrons play: Free for all - the mode in which every gamer can play for itself. Team Dogfight - competitions, which can take two teams. Base Defense - mode, the essence of which is to work with databases: the team defends its base and tries to break through enemy defenses. At the end of each match, players will receive extra points, which can then be spent on the purchase of various items and improvements. To get a visual impression of the game, you can see Star Wars: Attack Squadrons video.

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