sZone Online

Alternative names: With Zone Online, with Zon

Game sZone Online: Exclusion Zone is back.

The unfairly forgotten stalker theme received a new life-giving injection and returns to life. After long negotiations with the Ukrainian studio GSC, which first aroused gaming interest in the Chernobyl zone, having come up with an original story about stalkers, the company of Russian developers Cybertime did not obtain permission to use the original name of the product, and therefore called it differently. However, the game sZone Online sustained in a manner that has already become a classic.

Before you multiplayer shooter in which the player works in the first person, but can switch to a third-party view. You have to manage a stalker who falls into an ominous, enchanting and mysterious Exclusion Zone, inhabited by monsters - animals that have mutated under the influence of radiation from an exploding nuclear power plant.

There is no plot plot, and everyone acts to the best of his fantasies and abilities. It is not so easy, because you need to adapt to a world in which there are no definite answers, where even landscapes are unstable.

Creation of the hero.

Starting to play, for their dangerous adventures to create a hero. Several settings of appearance will give him recognizable uniqueness. Next, you need to decide whether you want to be a native of these lands or alien. The difference is obvious - the aborigines, this is the indigenous population who did not leave their homes during the evacuation. Aliens are catching up here for profit, hoping to get rich on the sale of the artifacts found.

This choice will affect the list of skills and available professions, but will not matter for the gameplay.


  • Military: sniper, attack aircraft, commandos
  • Vrach
  • Engineer: Repairman
  • Scientist: Theorist
  • Hunter
  • Druid: healer
  • Warrior: Melee Fighter, Defender
  • Sleader: St. John's Wort
  • Inventor
  • Researcher: Naturalist

art of survival.

When you already have a hero, you can start playing in sZone Online by exploring territories. The hero arrives by train at the station of the town of Liubech. Initially, he will not be able to move further, but after several completed quests he will pass on. Outside Lyubech, chat with the NPC to find out useful information and get the first task.

Toy client, and to participate in it you need to download sZone Online. What pleases - you can do it for free. From this moment begins the real fun - the attack of mutants, clashes with competitors, the search for artifacts, maneuvering between abnormal traps. A complete bouquet of surprises awaits you, which are possible only in the world so alien to humanity.

For more effective attacks and accomplishment of tasks, unite in groups with other players. But even if you manage to get a rare artifact, do not prematurely dream of a decent reward. Scientists are very selective in their purchases, and not all subjects are ready to accept. Even if they are drooling at your prey, they depict composure and lack of interest, just to drop the price.

There will be marauders who are tasty to someone else's good. Why risk your own skin if you can profit from those who return exhausted from the danger zone and are not able to resist in full force? That's why companions are so important - together you will not be so easy prey.

In the system of skills of the hero, the game from the zone online offers the following directions of development:

  • Survival - wander through the territory and collect artifacts
  • Support involves the creation of items from the trash


  • Fighting - kill everything that blocks the way.

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