Secret City

Alternative names: Secret City


Ghost Town Online - domestic Browser MMORPG, which developed a fantastic event. Project of Gaijin Entertainment - is a multiplayer role-playing game, created after the series of popular books Vadim Panov. Grand opening to users world is filled with exciting adventures, exciting PvP and PvE battles startling travel, original quests and other pleasant surprises. Action game developed in Moscow. It is here that there is a secret city where confront each other Great Houses. In this city were those who once ruled the world. Not surprisingly, the lust for power and leads them to the new location. Inhabitants fabulous lands tend to defeat their opponents and prove to society that deserve to be rulers. However, not everyone is destined, however bloody clashes no end edge. Started playing Secret City, you'll have to fight for their survival and constantly worry about their development. After all, only the strong characters enjoy real authority. Go for it! Everything is in your hands!

You need to download Secret City to get the opportunity at any time to plunge into the favorite entertainment. This will be possible after create your account. Secret City registration - is, in fact, the creation of a unique character. After you choose the identity to some houses, the desired floor, specialization. In addition to this form should be filled with such fields: e-mail address, name, password, repeat the password. On pressing the "Play" is confirmed compliance with the rules of the game. Now, you can take part in the struggle for supremacy in a mysterious universe, provided that there is an internet connection and a standard browser. Computer fits average configuration, because the system requirements completely high.

Before making a choice, it is necessary to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the virtual space. This Nav, Chud, human beings and Pers. You can play Mystery City as part of any type of vending.

- Nava ("kritoviki") are able to strike twice the force. Their ruler Prince trained subordinates to order. In this regard, Nava scrupulous enough. By the way, their life is very much appreciated. Kill Nawa no one can get away with.

- Chudy ("tanks") - this is the true knights. This is evident by the clothes, demeanor, character. Their leader is selected from the higher life magicians Order. He referred to the Grand Master.

- Human beings ("uvorotchiki") - uvorotlivye beings, which is very difficult to get to harm. They matriarchy reigns. Men are more removed from political issues.

- Chela ("generalists") may enter into any racial clan. This Green House vassals buying energy Well Rains. Opportunities these human mages can envy.

Note that whoever you are, have to develop the same characteristics, which are endowed with all the Great Houses. Play the game Secret City have, pumping Health, Strength, Anger, Dexterity, Fortitude, Expertise. There is also a free Honor Points and Points. Summing up the results of all the characteristics you see, what place in applying the rating. The higher figures - the closer you are to the top!

So you can buy everything you need, there is a shop. Secret City game offers a wide selection of different things. For example, consumables, things for equipment, weapons, jewelry and gifts. Separate category of food is necessary to maintain the vitality and lost health.

As the fighting in the game is given a solid place, the system provides several types of PvP battles. This duel, group, chaotic battles and fight club. Join the fight you can not only with other players. You'll have to hunt monsters that are no less dangerous opponents. But the story of the game includes not only the bloody showdown. Assignments various subjects you will not be bored for a minute!

It is worth mentioning that for ease of movement in the game there is a detailed map. Keep in mind that to accelerate the movement from one place to another, the Secret City Online game recommends using gifts from the same shop. Holders of premium accounts have the same opportunity, plus some other benefits.

Hurry up to plunge into the world of incredible events! Be sure to win you the game from the first minute! Good luck!


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