TDP4 Team Battle Online

Alternative names: TDP4 Team Battle Online

TDP4: Team Battle Online - a free browser-based multiplayer dynamic shooter. The game is a classic shooter gameplay which requires players to be grouped for joint assignments. Participants converge in grand battles of bloody battles and try by all means to win a coveted victory. Quick response, courage, activity and power of the weapons are crucial to help the team achieve its goals. In general, the TDP 4: Team Battle game is able to satisfy the needs of any user, as has as many as three different modes: single, team, and quest. Experience all the best and feel the adrenaline rises every time blood in anticipation of new dangers! Come on! Believe that you are capable of becoming the best of the best!

TDP 4: Team Battle registration involves entering into the corresponding row following information: email address, password, server selection. Then you press the button "Play Now" and are transported into a world filled with unforgettable adventures. Pleased that play TDP 4: Team Battle is available to anyone interested. System requirements are not afraid of their sky-high, so that you can enjoy the gameplay and using a computer average configuration. The main thing - to connect to the internet, and, of course, a modern browser.

Starting TDP 4: Team Battle play, you should certainly try out all its modes. So, We are offering

- "Deadly Game" (one against all, you must fight on all sides)

- "Deadly Game Team" (available to play in blue and red team - the choice is yours)

- "Capture in." (Your team will receive points with coordinates of enemy flags and should try to grab them).

The presence of three types of battles makes the gameplay even more exciting, because as soon as one can be bored without problems go to another. So why languishes bored at your leisure, if you have a chance so rich to spend their time?

Game TDP 4 allows you to earn resources to gain experience and coins hoard Points team and constantly pump your hero. It should be said about the medals, earn that though difficult, but quite real. But for every medal given additional notes. You can also improve weapons, making it more powerful and truly deadly. Incidentally, there is a special store where you can choose whatever you like, just to have the means to pay for their desires. Moreover, the arsenal of weapons in the game is quite diverse. You will be able to take advantage of a very multimode weapons. So purchase cool gear and show hated enemies what you can do! By the way, rivals will be as computer-generated characters and real players.

In addition, the new levels are presented with the opportunity to acquire useful items previously inaccessible, so you still can improve parameters such as accuracy, defense, health, explosiveness, power, luck, etc. Well, if you eventually decided to enlist the support of its allies, are welcome to join the clan. Cooperation with other nick broaden the range of your possibilities. There is much to do, but would you have time to pay attention to the multifaceted gameplay - and everything goes as well as possible!


Rating system in TDP 4: Team Battle online will not let you relax. The spirit of competition will only benefit! Who does not want to win the championship? Do not waste time in vain same! Your way to fame You can start now!


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