The Evil Within

Alternative names: The Evil Within
Living dead, horrific monsters, scary building fearsome terrain - all The Evil Within pc. While the project is still under development, and its official launch is scheduled for mid-2014. However, developers regularly indulge gaming audience with interesting information and trailers, describing vividly and realistically all the luxury and magnitude of the project. The most popular today is the protagonist describes the struggle with the monster, which instead of the safe head to The Evil Within a video trailer. Of course, except for "seyfogolovogo" as it is affectionately called gamers, video presented many other characters that have to deal with in the course of gameplay. And all of them, it is worth noting, just leave a lasting impression. The first thing that catches the eye - great graphics. The game perfectly traced all the scenery, characters, locations. Dark colors are chosen and very anturazhnye - what you need for such a project. In general, The Evil Within - a game which is a perfect combination of action and horror. During gameplay, you along with the main character will need to explore a huge number of locations to solve many mysteries. According to legend, Detective Sebastian with his friend, partner sent to the scene. Committed mass murder - several police officers killed with incredible ferocity. Apparently, a mere mortal could not do it. Who dared so to deal with law enforcement officers? Once you start to play The Evil Within, understand that during this gameplay will have to deal with some kind of mystical power. Dynamic gameplay make the gameplay amazing - the hero can not be vigilant enemy can be anywhere, anywhere! Getting on the scene, the brave detective himself undergoes a sudden attack. Sebastian loses consciousness and when he wakes up, realizes that he really is in a parallel reality - the mystical world in which besides it is a huge amount of aggressive terrible monsters. The main challenge will be faced with gamers as soon as you can free download The Evil Within - Sebastian help understand what is happening around and get back to the real world intact. In the course of its own investigation of the detective will discover many secrets of the underworld, to find out what hides brutal mystique. Be prepared for the fact that the world can be transformed, doors and windows can disappear, change shape. The Evil Within Our review found that immediately after the official presentation of the game will be available to run on both PCs and consoles. Apparently, it will be cool and exciting horror, pass that, it seems, will have every fan of the genre. Wait for the official release of the game is very long, and so please be patient and try to work out the good old horror movies - useful skill!

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