The Last of Us

Alternative names: The Last of Us
Game The Last of Us is an adventure game in the genre of survival-action game developed exclusively given to the PlayStation 3. The Last of Us is a description of the survival of people in the world that has been devastated by a modern plague. In this world, nature reclaimed the city has been abandoned, and the people that were in them, killing each other for food and the food weapon. The main characters in the game Joel and Ellie. Their life has taught to fight and survive. Ellie very brave brave and clever. The main characters were forced to join forces and begin to fight against the enemies. They will help each other to survive the journey through the broken United States. Game The Last of Us, you can download from the official website of the game or with any other one that provides this access. Download game The Last of Us are only grown users, for persons under the age of majority, to access the game is closed. Before the game, you can see about the game The Last of Us video. In the video game represents the brightest moments. About the game The Last of Us will open review features highlights: the main characters, the gameplay, and the main game moments. In the game The Last of Us will you play the most interesting characters. In the game The Last of Us, you will meet the following characters: 1. Joel is a smuggler who accompanies Dorothy to "Cicada". He is the main character in the game. 2. Ellie is a girl 14 years old, which is immune to established infection. She is the main heroine. 3. Tess is a smuggler, which has always been a partner Joel. At the very beginning of the game moved along with the main characters. Bitten her, but she died from this, and from shootout 4. Marlin is the head of the terrorist group "Cicadas." It entered into an agreement with Joel and Tess, to data characters escorted Ellie. As a result, she was shot by Joel; 5. Bill is a friend of Joel. He assisted the main characters in search of a vehicle, as well as helped to leave the city. At the price of the transaction was to repay the debt. 6. Henry is a black man who travels with his brother. He entered into an agreement with Joel and Ellie to leave Pittsburgh. Graduated suicide after brother shot infected. 7. Sam is the younger brother Henry. He was infected, eventually shot him Henry. 8. Tommy is the brother Joel. He was once a member of the "Cicadas." 9. Mary is the wife of Tommy. She is the head of the camp survivors. 10. David is the head of a gang of cannibals. He sought to Ellie after she agreed to join him. He was killed by Ellie; 11. Sarah is the daughter of Joel. She died during the beginning of the disaster. 12. Robert is an arms dealer in Boston. Tess killed him. Game The Last of Us pc combines shooting, melee battle, and collecting weapons. Plunge into the world of incredible battles! Defeat your enemies, get them stronger!

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