The Secret World

Alternative names: The Secret World

The Secret World game, which is sure to attract the attention of those who are very fond of mysticism. Perhaps some have long wanted in our real world, as in the game The Secret World online mystical creatures existed.

TSW game is full of secret mystical myth, full of magic.

The Secret World registration represented a little unusual. Will need to make a few extra steps before you create your own account. And so, you will need:

1. Login to the game.

2. Press at the end of the home page link menu « Community » .

3. Then click on « Game » .

4. In the right part of the page you will have a window with the registration form. Fill in all the items in it.

5. Enter your name, and then e-mail address.

6. Next, click on the button « Subscribe ». When you press this button, it will automatically agree with the policy of the site. These provisions are presented on the site.


Play The Secret World, you can, if you have the computing power not less than described below:

DVD-Rom - 8X

OS - Windows XP or Vista, and Windows 7

Video Card - nVidia 8800 series 512 VRAM

Processor - 2. 6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

DirektX - Direct X 9. 0c

Memory - 2 to 3 GB

Hard drive - 30 GB.


In The Secret World you will play the following fractions:

1. Templars. They belong to the category of the good: they tend to spiritual development, in which they manifest themselves as fighters against evil. Their strength lies in their real faith in goodness and justice. Templars originated since the founding of Babylon, and now they are known for all of London. Some of their actions caused great surprise to many, because these guys are really desperate.

2. Illuminati. They are opposed to the Templars. This fraction is ambitious and ruthless. For power they are willing to go to great lengths: blackmail, defamation, and even betrayal. Illuminati consider themselves the biggest enemies of the Templars. In the seventeenth century, they left Europe. Today they live underground in New York. When Templars carefully select their employees, the Illuminati is quite the opposite. For them, the important thing is that their employees share their principles.

3. Dragons - the purpose of their actions have still not determined. They are somewhere in the middle ground between the Templars and the Illuminati. They follow the teachings of Sun Tzu, which is described in the "Art of War." Their dignity is patience - but also they have a variety of negative qualities. They are located in Seoul.

The Secret World online does not imply the presence of levels and classes in the game.

The Secret World - this mysterious world that beckons all around. Every so madly want to know what stands between people and mysticism, is it true or is still a legend?


Maybe when you play The Secret World, you will see something and before you open doors that others do not see. Immerse yourself in this boundless space secrets and mysteries of the game The Secret World online. Subdue this beautiful world!


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