Battleship - Tidal Trek

Alternative names: Tidal Trek

Tidal Trek lifts the sails

Game Sea Battle unites romantics who are passionate about the pirate theme, with its incredible adventures, battles, treasure hunt, binge drinking in taverns.

On this sea fraternity many books and scripts have been written, and no less than created game products - bright, dynamic, realistic. The browser toy invites the Sea Battle to play to join the brave captains and fight, as it happened once - shooting from guns, boarding, entering into hand-to-hand fight.

You will find yourself in the very middle of the 16th century, when navigation made a special progress. The equipment of ships became better, new land was constantly being added to the map, and friendly trade relations were established between the countries. The captains considered the ship to be their home, spending more time in swimming than on land. This perfected their navigational and diplomatic skills, and when they landed on the ground, they disappeared in vegetable marrows, telling fascinating visitors stories.

But the emperor died, and in the Black Water Bay a war broke out, in which the East and West Aldrich and Douglas converged. The North also became more active, seeking to establish power over the Southern Ocean. And to get involved in this historic battle, you need a Sea Battle registration.

We collect ships and head the fleet

Europe, with which to fight, not enough for one campaign: monsters and their leaders, other players and pirates. Create a reliable team that will become trained fighters, and also get a personal assistant who will not leave in danger - a small pet.

However, the first thing that awaits each newly captain's choice is a managed character. There are four, two for each league: Marine Forces and Pirates. Think of a name and choose the floor of the captain, who is destined to become the head of the ship.

Each hero has the following characteristics:

  • Experience.
  • Sought skills.
  • Gradual increase in the rank for the accumulation of honor points in a duel with other gamers. Each raise brings more gold coins as a salary and bonuses to the parameters of the battle.
  • The spirit of the character.
  • Title grows after completing quests and dueling with monsters.
  • Boy force, the level of which helps in the battle with opponents and allows you to choose for the battle more powerful rivals.
  • Rating personal and flotilla in TOP-10

At first you have two types of ships: normal and improved. You can use them for both attack and defense. Having reached the tenth level, you will receive four more. Each ship is characterized by features:

  • Ulong
  • Contractor
  • Crete - the situation is critical for the defeat
  • Travel speed

To buy the necessary items you will need currency.

  • Devnost and Attack Power
  • Code - movement in the cell
  • Health
  • Boy - the number of available moves in round
  • Accuracy
  • Reserves
  • Protection
  • Boy spirit
  • Sea Battle iPlayer has two of its types: diamonds and gold. Gold is mined in the game, and diamonds are bought for real money and are available in stocks. With their help you can quickly pump the fleet, get useful items without preliminary pumping and increase the game level to VIP.

    Main strokes to the portrait

    • Tidal Trek's battles are conducted in three spaces: under water, on water, in the sky
    • Collection of the most interesting tasks
    • Bonuses are paid daily for visiting the game, and each day the bonus is increased
    • Dynamics of battles

    Now, when you are coarse from the wind, saturated with salt spray of the sea, you are tempered in war and are not afraid of pitching, you will bring your league victory.


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