Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Alternative names: Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Game Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is a popular computer game, which is designed in the style of Action RPG.

Here you will encounter more than ever close to Greek mythology. Your main enemy in the game Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is a sinister tartar. To beat him you have to go through many trials.


Download Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, you can free from the official website of the game. Before the game, be sure to watch the pro game Titan Quest: Immortal Throne video. It reveals the basic features of the game, character classes, as well as their skills.


In-Game Titan Quest: Immortal Throne classes are updated. They are classified by specialization

1. Seer - a class that has the power of dreams.

2. Harbinger is a class in the skill, which includes business and Ratna Power of Dreams.

3. Templar - is a special class that has the art of protection and power of dreams.

4. Awakener - is also unusual class, which, as has Templar art protection and power of dreams.

5. Prophet - is a class that knows a lot, maybe even the outcome of events in the battles. Its air force and power of dreams

6. Garuspik - is a versatile class, which manifests itself in the hunt, as he developed this force, and he has the power of dreams.

7. Ghost - this vile class, it can create different crimes. Ghost owns shadow craft and power of dreams.

8. Obryadnik - a class that is very close to nature. It is characterized by the strength of the forest and the power of dreams.

9. Enchantment - a magical class that can communicate with the spirits, because it has a unique strength of spirit, and he has the power of dreams.


In-Game Titan Quest: Immortal Throne characters taken from Greek mythology. The main ones are:

1) The main character - he must fight with all monsters, to meet with the Greek gods and overcome them. Only then will it be able to compete with the main enemy.

2) Cerberus - a monster with three heads that guards Hell. With him the main hero will join the fight.

3) Achilles - is a brave hero of Greek legends, which will join the battle the main character.

4) Agamemnon - it mikiysky king. Enemy of the protagonist.

5) Odysseus - is Odysseus, who made the call to the gods. Odyssey will fight with the main character.

6) Tartar - is the main enemy of the Hero.


In-Game Titan Quest: Immortal Throne things you will come across on the road or accrue after the battles.

In Titan Quest: Immortal Throne levels are separated by certain quests. To go to the next level you will need to defeat the boss.

Characters in Titan Quest: Immortal Throne skill variety and universal. Whole groups of skills in game five

1) Trans - This is a skill that you can use only one, otherwise you spend all of your experience points.

2) Passive skills - the ability to control it, foreboding danger.

3) Skills call - is the ability to summon any creatures.

4) Combat skills - it's skills in martial arts, different opportunities dealing damage.

5) Spell - is a magic spell that can be used only magicians.

Enter the world of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, where reigns the ancient Greek.


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