Total War: Shogun 2

Alternative names: Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2 - computer strategy game with turn-based, military tactics. Strange, but the game is developed by a British company, and released her Japanese company SEGA. This is a continuation, or the so-called remake of the first issue of a series of games - Total War. According to fans and critics, this new update, to show the world in 2011, an improved version of the first attempts to developers. Game Total War: Shogun 2 for amateurs or professionals in more strategic thinking.

What would you play the game, you have to visit the site and the game Shogun 2 Total War download. It is this part of a series of games become available for download to a personal computer. You only need to have the necessary program.

The game Total War: Shogun 2 to play it is to start the incremental strategy and tactics in real time. Before you Total War - fraction. Your main task is to manage, administer the state on the strategic map in increments. For every step you take you are responsible, under your authority as the whole nation. You'll be engaged in reconnoitering, economy, research, religion and other important issues for the life of the state. A primary goal in the game Total War: Shogun 2 - to unite feudal Japan into a single ruling government under the banner of your clan.

The game takes place on three islands belonging to large real Japan - Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku. And events pripadaet at Warring States era - the feudal period of Japan in the XVI century.

You, as the leader in charge of all the battles that can occur both onshore and offshore.

As you already understand you have at the beginning of the game choose the clan to which you will join and head up. Here are ten clans

• Oda;

• Takeda;

• Hojo;

• Hattori;

• Shimazu;

• Tokugawa;

• Mori;

• Uesugi;

• the Date;

• Tosokabe.

Oda - one the most vicious clans. Holder of a strong spirit and a low cost of hiring and content Ashigaru soldiers.

Takeda - improved morale of the army, as the lowest price of hiring and content. But experienced cavalry.

Hojo - presented locks are not expensive, not much construction costs and stay siege units. You can hire experienced squads.

Hattori - great ninja who know their business. Good hiding troops on the battlefield, and trained art Keys.

Shimazu - very true leaders, low cost recruitment and residence samurai katana.

Tokugawa - metsuke professional, better relationships in diplomacy, low cost recruitment and residence of monks.

Mori - a large distance moving ships. Low construction cost and name of the ship.

Uesugi - the best monks, good income from sales, the lowest cost of hiring and accommodation Shohei.

The Date - samurai with nodati as a bonus for the onslaught of orders.

Tosokabe - great income from farm peasants. Contain archers at a low cost of hiring.

Graphics on a good level, a great musical score.

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