Tribal Wars 2

Alternative names: Tribal Wars 2, War of the Tribes 2

Before you colorful multiplayer game Tribal Wars 2 with a slant of military strategy. Rivaling with other gamers, expand the boundaries of your own kingdom and develop in accessible ways.

The game Tribal Wars 2 announces the call in the Knights

Share armor, clean rust with swords, sharpen blades, sharpen arrows and prepare for battles, which will not lack. As the lord of your castle, you should not allow enemies to enter it, but you need a strong and well-prepared army, consisting of experienced generals and brave knights.

V Tribal Wars 2 play in real time. The game is a continuation of the first part - Tribal Wars, which was a resounding success among fans of the genre. The second part of TW2 is also available for free, and the changes made will please beginners and experienced players. Among the innovations:

  • Improved graphics
  • Interface has been improved
  • Added new features, for example, information on the map and settings of tribal tasks
  • Gildings
  • Original missions
  • Multiplayer battles with other players

Enjoy the magnificence of the gameplay will help in Tribal Wars 2 registration, after which you will become the owner of the real castle and the whole army of soldiers.

In selecting more units in the ranks of the knights, arrange for them regular training in defensive and offensive maneuvers, so that they acquire initial military experience, become sturdier and raise other characteristics. Improved their testimony and during an attack on rivals. This will also bring additional resources. Another way to increase the strength of the conclusion of alliances and covenants.

Soldies born for the battle

Battle, battle, and once again the battle - that's the motto of Tribal Wars 2. But no one is born at once as a soldier, and that rumors about you should be learned. Initial training will help beginners to get comfortable on the spot and learn the main principles of the game process. Attack the nearest villages, develop the extraction of resources, grab for assignments or develop your own strategies.

Before the attack, you can see the characteristics of the object and compare their strengths with their own. Perhaps, it is better to choose another locality, if you are not sure that you will be able to defeat such a developed graying. And forming an army, try to make it balanced, where some warriors will effectively fight in the front rows, and someone will strike later. Choose and develop new tactics, appoint experienced generals at the head of the army and commanders for small units.

Capital - the basis of the state

If the country's treasury is empty, it is doomed to perish, since it can not contain troops, update uniforms, arm them, and even feed them.

In addition to ruining neighbors, in Tribal Vars 2 you can put on a wide foot extraction of the necessary resources on your territory. As necessary, build important structures that will improve the attitude of subordinates and residents of the city to you and provide them with income:

  • Sawfish
  • Create the statue

You have the great honor of becoming a medieval knight in the game War of the Tribes 2 - a military-economic simulator and rise in your power.

  • Chapter
  • Stations
  • Area
  • Ratus
  • Casments
  • Forms
  • Zheleznye mines
  • Mining quarrying operations
  • Participating in missions, you will earn wealth and glory, build a great city. Respect allies and be merciless towards enemies. Enjoy colorful landscapes and excellent graphics, skillfully designed interface and other features that are provided to you completely free.


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