Tribes: Ascend

Alternative names: Tribes: Ascend

Game Tribes: Ascend is a popular multiplayer computer game. This game is considered to network and game events occur in the first person.

In game Tribes: Ascend registration is simple and is available only to users 13 years. In order to register in the game Tribes: Ascend You need to do the following:

1. Specify your user name and password.

2. Write your e-mail address.

Play the game Tribes: Ascend you are choosing the direction of the class. At the beginning of the game you will only be available 3 class, but only nine of their game. You will receive them only after earn enough points and experience.

Game Tribes: Ascend, the following classes:

1. Lungs - they are most vulnerable. They are divided into three subclasses.

2. Average - they have a high rate of health than other classes. They are also three subspecies.

3. Heavy - they are the slowest, but tenacious enough compared to other classes. Them in the game as 3 subspecies.

And so, in the online game Tribes: Ascend to play you have to choose a subclass

1) A touch of class is divided into:

- Pathfinder - is the best invader, as well as the easiest.

- Infiltrator - uses in battle camouflage that makes you not visible. Uses explosives and applies special safety devices.

- Sentinel - strong in the long run. May use a special device to disguise their allies.

2) The middle class is divided into:

- Soldier - this subclass is intended to protect and attack.

- Raider - has powerful weapons and special useful devices.

- Technician - this defensive subclass that repairing the device, and can also set various items.

3) Heavy class is represented by such groups

- Juggernaut - this class is required to implement a long-distance shooting.

- Brute - this class is best manifests itself in defense and attack. He has a powerful weapon and greater endurance.

- Doombringer - this class is defensive. He has in the arsenal of mines, machine guns and special installations.


Game Tribes: Ascend online has the following weapons:

1) Pistols, automatic weapons and shotguns. Their feature - a high speed.

2) Spinfuzory. This type of weapon high damage, but low speed.

3) Sniper rifles. The high degree of hitting the target, and the average degree of damage caused.

4) Grenade launchers and hand grenades. Applying strong damage.

5) Mines. Great damage to the perimeter and the target.

6) Hand mortars. Used in the most serious operations.


In game Tribes: Ascend there is a special mode - slip that facilitates transfer. The speed of your character depends on the chosen class.

Sign in Tribes: Ascend free along with your friends and get pleasure from hours spent.


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