Victory Online Racing

Alternative names: Victory Online Racing

Game Victory Online gonki - racing simulator free model with realistic 3 D image. This is a client game designed in classic style in accordance with the best traditions. This will take you to the world filled with dynamics, in which desperate lovers gathered speed. You will be available tyuting exciting, improving your own car, a variety of control methods. Vintage race cars and tracks that are so proud of the game Victory . Online race you just can not not like it! The project really stands out among many similar because of its unique features. Competing with real players, you can win prizes and receive bonuses. Set of events arranged on the racetrack entirely possess your attention and will not be bored for a minute!

Before proceeding to the gameplay, you will need Victory . Online race registration. This process is thus: Entered nickname, email address and password. After that it is possible to download the client. In order to avoid any problems, your computer must meet the following system requirements: Operating smistema Windows XP SP3, Vista, Win7; processor Pentium P4 1,8 GHz, graphics card - accelerator, DirectX, 256 MB RAM, support for Shader Model 2, the presence of a sound card , 1 GB RAM and 500 MB hard drive. Also can not do without high-speed Internet.

Before you start to drive on game trails, let's move on to the background. Thus, the corporation DriveNet captures all the roads of the world and now the only means of transport, in her evil plan must be the only computer-controlled automatic capsule. But sports fans brave races do not agree with this state of affairs and boldly defy brazen corporation. They are joined by many motorists and now races are held as it were in secret, in various secret locations. Besides organized championships around the world, and corporations can not cope with the Race Committee.

Started playing Victory . Online race you need to create the design of your car, and then it gradually pumped. To begin, choose one of the blocks, which are separated by the machine: front, middle or back. Before your problem is not just any car dazzle of the proposed items, and get a model that will fit your driving style, and, of course, the routes are conditions. Incidentally, one of the most enjoyable moments during the creation of the car is painted. After all, you can choose both the color and patterns. While the number of components intended for decoration is not limited. During consisting of short races gameplay you will receive experience and miscellaneous equipment. Experience primarily need to improve the technical characteristics of the machines. Absolutely all cars have such characteristics as weight, Clutches, aerodynamics, brakes, grip, power. Each new level gives access to additional components, spare parts and even game modes. Therefore Victory . Online racing game becomes more interesting! Being stubborn, you will undoubtedly get one of the first places in the standings.

Online Racing occur on different routes. An abandoned U.S. military base that has to be in the desert highway Fort Fast, which is considered an ideal place for high-speed racing. Another track is located in the Antarctic in a closed technological structures. The third track was lost among the ruins of settlements Rock Island. This is an abandoned outpost off the coast of England. No matter which route you choose, a chance to show the art of driving will always be! So show just what you can do!


Victory . Online race Online managed to interest a huge number of users. Join us and you to the gay gaming community, to enjoy the rich life racing driver! May you always and in all luck!


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