War Russov

Alternative names: Wars Rus

Russov War Online - multiplayer strategy browser games free of charge, pleases us rather unusual setting. Online game War Russov tells us about the history of ancient Russia, its mysteries and its special and unique nooks. Recently, with the conveyor game more and more these games go, this is due to the fact that their popularity among Igrovka CIS countries is growing. That's because each of those who play these games wants to join the unique and authentic culture of native history. And we should say that this is the game you can qualitatively help.

Join in the game War Russov quite simple and does not take much of your time. To begin playing the game War Russov online, you need to enter a username, email address and account password. Later on your mail will receive a letter informing you that registration Wars Russov completed and now you can start playing the game online Russov War. Despite the fact that the game itself is a browser, it does not prevent it from having its own client, simple and lightweight that can not but rejoice.

At the beginning of the game you have the right to choose the nation that will represent. By and large, the choice is not really something and huge. At your disposal is an opportunity to join rusam or children steppe and wind - Nomads. Russ, is to say, are a major nation in the game and are sedentary. Nomads same and only those involved that are worn on the strength of the fortress in search of those who are still too good and rich life is to successfully capitalize on them. Nomadic warriors are very cheap to produce and the most numerous. This is one of many at once conspicuous historical correspondences, through which we can safely say that the game is made to last. Those nomads denied the opportunity to defend themselves in fortresses, thus developers balanced the advantages of both warring factions. Russov War online game, which is sure to make you use your loaf.

In the game, we are given the opportunity to choose from several locations: Rule Horde Starting Russow or Wild Field. I must say that if you are new to the game, the Wild Field is right for you. For the rest, already battered and time-tested fighting players choice will depend on your playing style, and the fractions that they chose for themselves.

Pleases historical veracity of military units, which abound in the game at what each type has certain peculiar only to her positive and negative sides. In principle, they depend on the specific areas in which you are taking or unleash battle.

First play War Russov at your disposal is a small village that you need to be vigilant to protect against raids, and eventually build a huge Grads - the then megacities, unapproachable and bewitching power.

Basically, the game Russov War Online is designed so that if the tactics of fire and sword you alien or you want to play it safe and be a hundred percent sure of victory, then all you need to do - it's just a bribe enemy officer and then your chances of success increase significantly.

In War Russov play for representatives ducal Russian bribes by the fact that from the very beginning of the game to become a full-fledged carrier s princely title. You will be subordinated to a certain state of your peasants, serfs and a few small houses, just like in ancient Russia.

Game War Russov online is free, but you can always get the client in which the developers have improved the graphics component of the game, thus providing you an even greater immersion into the world, full of riddles native history. It should be noted that the advantages of inserting end real money, and it can not but rejoice.

So, if the story is not alien to you, if you are bleeding inside the great princes or lords of the steppes and the brothers of the wind, do not loiter and always play this great game. Now the story has come true!


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