War Commander: Rogue Assault

Alternative names: Var Commander

Game War Commander: Rogue Assault for fans of military battles.

American developer Kixeye has several successful projects on its account, and War Commander: Rogue Assault added this list. The work on the new IMO strategy for mobile devices lasted several years (2014-2016). in). But we can safely say that the toy will appeal to the fans of the genre, who do not miss the opportunity to take on their command a strong army. The product has several nice features that favorably distinguish it from a mass of similar ones:

  • Excellent works on all platforms.
  • Use normal 3G and medium speed package.
  • There are 6 variations of the graphics settings that are automatically selected, depending on the device used.

Each War Commander: Rogue Assault can download for free, but the possibility of purchases is also provided. However, to spend money no one forces, and it is quite possible to do what is available for free. By the way, download War Commander: Rogue Assault on the computer, too, you can, and this is another plus in favor of the game.

0 A small prehistory.

The validity in which the player turns out refers to the near future, when the world economy collapsed. This led to total unemployment, and this resulted in a famine. People took to the streets, but soon peaceful uprisings gave way to aggressive zavarushkas. The authorities lost control of the situation, crime went off scale, the number of gangs grew.

Having obtained access to arms, especially strong factions overcame Europe, declaring the occupied territories free states. It's time for a new dictatorship, more cruel than ever. The task of the players to head the military base and destroy one of the most bloodthirsty generals, without allowing him to spread his influence over other lands.

Your actions in the game.

Game War Commander: Rogue Assault develops on two branches:

  • Building and strengthening of the base
  • Participation in PVE and PVP battles

You will be able to access three main metal resources (without it there will be no improvements), thorium (analogue of metal, but more advanced), oil (helps units recover after battles). This is good you should always have, so keep an eye on the timely replenishment of stocks. Obtain them on their own base, and also receive as a reward for the completed task. If you are not new to military strategies, you know the principle of action. In this respect War Commander: Rogue Assault game will not bring anything new: constantly develop the base, build buildings, extract resources, pump troops, seize new territories and control them.

One of the features of the toy is unlimited access to funds. This means that their source does not run low, so boldly accumulate the necessary amount for further upgrading and construction. However, for this you need your presence, since the game Var Commander will not develop in the"sleep mode". If it is enough to distribute tasks in other projects and return in a day to harvest or get another result, then it will not work. To move to a new level, you have to personally lead everyone. The most interesting part of the fighting. You must form your army by selecting different types of troops, having studied their characteristics. Available infantry, tanks, trucks, military aviation, small arms of all possible caliber and radius of destruction.

Before you go to the attack, do a thorough reconnaissance, make sure that the enemy is in your teeth, and do not forget to think over the tactics of action so that the operation is successful.


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