Alternative names: WildStar

WildStar online - free multiplayer role-playing game client in a futuristic setting. Players will be transported to a mysterious planet Nexus and explore its territory, concealing many surprises. Created by NCSoft project has the following features: cartoon graphics, dynamic gaming events, the presence of socialization, the original fights, interesting plot, outward simplicity and accessibility of the interface. WildStar free transport you to a fantasy world, which is accompanied by a stay in a dizzying adventure. Previously lived on the planet Nexus eldanov race, a high level of development. But under some mysterious circumstances she just disappeared without a trace, and replaced by new inhabitants - Empire faction and exiles. Starting to play the game WildStar and you become a citizen of this strange and attractive at the same time in the world. Why are there only! And spacious territory awaiting your research, and an unimaginable amount of mysterious artifacts, and ecological system with their gags, and very rich fauna. You'll love spending time here!

Simple WildStar registration will take you on game locations, and you will be able to choose what path to follow. Choosing a game class, you hereby give preference to certain occupations, specific style of play. There are four classes available nick explorer, soldier, scholar and colonist. They are all unique and each is interesting in its own way. Incidentally, his decision as the game progresses you can change and try to go a different way of life. Incidentally, representatives of different classes often interact. Jobs requiring just a bunch of run, so that the support is very handy neighbor.

During the trip, you will often see the mobs. They always have to fight against every mob you can develop your own strategy. But one on one fights the battle system is not limited. You will be able to take part in exciting battles mass PvP, which correspond to the best traditions of the current video games. In general, would not be bored!

I would like to say a few words about the fauna. Arranged everything here is quite peculiar. Well even that big eat the small, but it is unclear why some hunt only at night, and another for raids Give a sunny day. On the locations of the game there are many quest animals, but it often happens that they become the prey of the stronger animals. And then your hero to make that same quest zverushku must first do away with that monster that devoured her. Well, at least from a dead animal carcasses swallowed goes unscathed. If you're actively destroy predators, then after a while they will be much less, and therefore harm diminish. WildStar game is designed so that your actions, as well as other gamers actions affect the environment.

Having started playing WildStar try to develop your character. Learn to use and its physical parameters and the technologies available at the same time. Stock up courage and start your hunt for one of the most dangerous planets of the universe! Suppose you are always lucky to achieve the desired!


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