Winterfrost Heritage of the North

Alternative names: Winterfrost Legacy

Game Winterfrost Heritage of the North: war with the dead.

Game Winterfrost The legacy of the North invites new players to a fantasy world where they are offered the role of a hero who is destined to protect the kingdom from the insurgent dead.

Many years ago, nine of Dairen's clans decided to forget the old grievances, to collect one representative from different types of population, and unite them into an expedition. Elves, people, gnomes, giants and orcs had to reach the remote corners of the continent in the north, find hidden treasures there, and bring them to the city.

An equipment and training took a lot of resources, but efforts were in vain, the expedition died in a harsh climate. Years later, and without waiting for news, it became clear that they already will not be. But this only prompted the rulers to collect a new group. Unfortunately, they suffered a similar fate, as well as those who followed them.

Sleep time, all who have gone and died, returned dead to avenge the obstinacy of their descendants. Starting to play the game Winterfrost Heritage of the North, you become the representative of one of the old surnames that participated in the enterprise, and therefore are forced to confront the insurrectionary dead relative.

You and your brother are rescued by your father, but he has to sacrifice one's own life so that you can go on a dangerous adventure and try to find answers to important questions.

Your first choice.

You have the right to decide what is best for you Winterfrost Heritage of the North to register or join through social networks. The next step is the creation of the hero. To do this, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each profession and note that appearance and some skills depend on belonging to the male or female sex.

  • The rifle is agile and fast, excellently shies away from enemy strikes. This is an effective fighter against single targets, but can not cope with the group.
  • The war is a typical tank with a large supply of vital energy. It is endowed with power, which is ideal for near attacks.
  • Mag does not have good health, and is ineffective against single strong villains, but the group of not very strong opponents amazes movement of the little finger. During the pumping, you can choose who you want him to be a healer or those who deal damage.
  • Shaman will be a good defender, because no worse than the magician owns spells.

It's time to act.

V Winterfrost The legacy of the North is pleasant to play for many reasons, but the first thing that catches the eye is a very bright, eye-pleasing graphics. Development occurs smoothly, and the initial levels do not strain particularly strong opponents. Your strength is enough to deal with the crowds of the dead.

Later you will begin to gain strength and experience, become stronger, and will be ready for serious skirmishes. In the course of events you will:

  • Use the principle of step-by-step actions
  • Having helpers
  • Control with monsters
  • Fighting with gamers
  • Available in exciting modes

You can increase the experience by participating in quests, but you can use meditations, leaving the hero in this state while you are away. But when you return, you will find him cheerful and stronger.

Your character is endowed with thirteen talents, and during the battle you decide which one is more appropriate here. But the six assistants from your squad will automatically use that gift, which is endowed, so keep this in mind by placing the company on the battlefield.

V iPlayer Winterfrost The legacy of the North for a long time to remain a solitary warrior will not work if you want to defeat the main boss. So unite in clans, fight in the Arena, get the highest rewards.


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