Wizard World

Alternative names: World of Wizards

Wizards World online - a free browser based online role-playing fantasy game. Here you will find an exciting battle, storming castles, quests and exciting mission.

It is possible to install the game client, which is designed to reduce traffic and stable operation (recommended for users of Dial-up and GPRS). The game is optimized for browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Other browsers - not recommended! In them the game may not work correctly.


- High-speed Internet connection;

- Memory 1GB;

- Processor level not lower than the Intel Core 2 Duo;

- Plug-in Adobe Flash Player version 10 or higher.

To start the game need Registration Wizards World: clicking on the "Register" button in the window that opens, select the Race for his hero. Among Ras you are offered a choice: Troll, Orc, Dwarf, Human, Elf and Goblin (a detailed description of each race can be found on the website in the Encyclopaedia). Next, choose the floor type, name (first name), e-mail and said code. Accept an agreement with the Rules of the game, and press on "Register". That's all in the game Register Wizards World over. You are in the game!

If you want to change your race, it can be done only once, and in certain situations. Each race has its main characteristics: Life, Power and Magic.

Online game Wizards World offers numerous quests (small and large quests, massive quests, quest "Dragon Valley" ...), travel, and all sorts of duel tournaments, castle assault and flying on a broomstick, well, the most romantic wedding expects ceremony. You will meet with the Sirens, Dragons, Harpies and other equally colorful characters ...

Wizards World online game is rich in all kinds of magical scrolls and potions that help to fight. Lots of jewelry, armor, weapons, talismans, magic crystals - all these things give additional properties to your character.

Starting to play in Wizards World, you are invited to go through a training fight in the Arena, then you can begin to develop your character. To increase the level of the character you need money. At the initial stage, you can make money in the Arena battles, hunting monsters or completing quests Travels Diary of achievement.

While in the magical city - Elair, you will be trained in the school of wizards and warriors, where you will learn all sorts of magic tricks. After training you will go to one of the fabulous cities of this fantastic world: Zaorn, Dorikan Aradorn or where you show everything you've learned. In addition to these cities in the game there are cities such as Tarn and Viera.

Online game World of Wizards has many dangerous creatures: Wild Dragons Martial Snowmen Elementals, Harpies, Werewolves, Gorgon, Ghosts, Giant Salamander, Sirens, Golem, Dark Harpy Chaos Demons. Also ... these creatures Bestiary still holds a lot of different monsters.

Play the game online Wizards World, you'll be watching the weather changes that affect the elemental magic of wizards. For example: Clear increases and decreases magic Fire Magic Air, Rain Water magic increases and decreases magic Fire Magic Mist Air increases and decreases magic Earth Heat increases and decreases magic Fire Magic Water, Air magic Snowfall increases and decreases magic fire.

Game Wizards World Online has a huge variety of urban buildings and each building has its purpose.

Play the game Wizards World Online can be entered in one of the Guild: Guild Masters Guild Stormtroopers. The game has a lot of different titles, and the presence of clans and alliances, gives you a great opportunity. So the Wizards World will be interesting to play.

Battles in the game can be both individual and mass. To the individual battles are: Duel, battle with the Spirit, shadowboxing, Duel without things Melee, Tournament duel and fight "Ambush". By mass: Chaotic, Chaos without things Prize chaos Between races, group, clan, Dual duel between cities, battles between Light and Dark, as well as fighting Cupid.

World Economy Wizards built on local currency - "coins" (WWM - Wizards World Money).

There is the opportunity to play on the side of the forces of Darkness, for a period of 1 week.

In general, to be fun, go to Wizards World register and join the game!


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