Alternative names: Wolven Order

Wolfteam Wolf squad - is the original online multiplayer first-person shooter created in 3D. This game is free, you only need Register. Among online games of various kinds, there are not so few MMOFPS, Wolf squad and play one of them. The name itself Wolfteam Wolf squad tells us what style game created. Also distinguishes it from many other online shooters enough original storyline this online game and its features. In the story there are a number of people who can at will turn into wolves and back, keeping the human mind and sociality. Of these people, and was formed Wolf squad.

And in changing guises of "man-wolf" player (team) gives scope for combat operations, since such opportunities he has a lot more options in building a strategy of warfare. This makes the online game Wolfteam Wolf squad is very interesting, because, on the one hand, sufficiently large arsenal of weapons provided "human side" of the character, enables remote attacks. On the other hand, Werewolf advantage in strength, speed and skill, in contrast to action from a safe distance. Among other things, allows the guise werewolf character to climb the walls. Werewolves are varieties, each of which has its own characteristics: ice wolf guard, shadow, berserker, etc.

Of course, a lot of attention in this online game paid to the arsenal of weapons the character. As already mentioned, the weapon can be used only if you are in human form. Arm in the minimum possible (and necessary) early in the game Wolfteam Wolf squad, for this purpose you will have a certain amount of gold. During the game, performing a variety of combat missions and thus extracting means, weapons will be available, as well as play the game and get it as a reward. Various assault weapons, ranged weapons, pistols and grenades you can get and choose the one that you wanted. Some weapons can even modify, improving its parameters. Also note the items that add character to force Wolfteam Wolf squad: backpacks, Tattoos, accoutrements.

In order to start playing the game online to register. Join in the game Wolf squad is as follows. On the page of the game, click Free Registration. After confirming that you specify data (downloading games and registration is free), follow the instructions that appear on the screen to start the game and start playing Wolfteam fun.

Going into the game, you need to select the territory and region, enter the call. Callsign - is your name in online game Wolfteam Wolf squad. Note that a single account can have only one call. This requires registration. Now is the time to join the team players of your choice.

The game Wolfteam Wolf squad is online confrontation between two teams of players. There are some interesting game modes: "Death match" - a game of destroying the maximum number of players of the opposing team in a limited period of time. In this mode there are variations, for example, you can set a limit on the weapons used in the fight. Mode "Destroyer" - one team plants a bomb at the designated location, the second - trying to avoid it or neutralizes it. In various instances, allowed the transformation of game players in People or Wolves.

"Conqueror" has three different modes, but all have one goal - to capture the greatest number of fixed bases, for a limited period of time.

So play Wolf squad will be interesting to fans of dynamic online shooters. Game features high-quality 3D graphics, a huge variety of weapons, improves throughout the game, fighting various options, and only your mind and the courage to play and will help to survive in a deadly battle that in this online game abound.

Start playing today and you will not regret!


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