World of Warships Blitz

Alternative names: WoWS Blitz, World of Battle Blitz Boats

Game World of Warships Blitz is a long-awaited project.

Once again, the company Wargaming Group distinguished itself by the fact that it pleased the fans of sea battles with a toy called World of Warships Blitz. If you played the computer version, you will be pleasantly surprised how skillfully the authors approached adapting it to Android.

Sudy by the way the project is rapidly gaining popularity, we can confidently say that soon it will take one of the first places in the rating of cult toys. To World of Warships Blitz download, you do not need anything special, and it will cope with the phone model with the OS version from 4. 4 and above, as well as with a free place under the installation of 59 M.

There is still an opportunity to download World of Warships Blitz on the computer, so that no one will be left out.

Features of management.

If you compare mobile and computer versions, then in the first maps of the area are significantly reduced for convenience, because you will have to play on a small screen. The way of control on the touch screen differs in its various corners, there are special buttons. In the bottom left is navigation. By clicking one of the arrows, you set the course to the right / left or backward / forward. Click on the arrow once, and the ship will float. If pressed again, it accelerates. What is convenient is that they do not need to be fixed with a constant push. It is enough to give a command, and you can do other manipulations.

In the lower right corner of the cross, the command to shoot is indicated, and binoculars are an approximation. In the middle of the tool icons and repair. The upper right corner is occupied by the icon with the change of weapons, in the left map of the terrain, and in the middle we see the scale of the progress of the battles. Since all this has small dimensions, translucency and intuitive intelligibility, for such a large-scale toy this is a big plus.

Game gameplay.

In addition, the game World of Warships Blitz offers:

As in the computer version, World of Warships Blitz the game in the mobile version offers modes PvP and PvE.

  • Huge selection of 90 ships belonging to different countries
  • Chans fighting in the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific waters
  • Diversity of weapons
  • Continuous pumping of ships More than one combat mode: single, team, corporate, rank
  • Amphas for achievements and wins
It has already been mentioned that the choice of maps is huge, but they have been reduced by about a third so that they do not have to cross the deserted expanses of the water surface for too long on the way to the main place of events. Also, if you play PvP, players can be grouped into groups of 7 participants. In the rest everything is analogous to buying ships, pumping them, participating in quests, missions and other events. For this, of course, provides valuable awards and bonuses. In addition to the prizes for participating in fights, WoWS Blitz also provided other pleasant surprises. For example, if during the week you visited the toy daily, get a premium account for three days.

To fans of action games it will be interesting to experience this project, especially if they are familiar with other works of the developer (tanks and airplanes). He also attracts those who have repeatedly brought into battle ships on large computer monitors. It is easier for them to determine the set of ships for their fleet (destroyers, cruisers, battleships) and their way of pumping. Beginners will discover a huge field for research in order to determine the qualities of each ship in battle.

Te who managed to test the game, give a uniquely positive assessment. Also in her favor is the fact of constant release of updates and active correction of possible errors by the developers.


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