World of Tanks Blitz

Alternative names: World of Tanks Blitz
Today to talk about the output for the project World of Tanks Blitz PC version until that very early. This is a game created specifically for mobile phones and tablets. The official date of the presentation application called until there was, but the developers just could not help but still indulged fans Action fresh videos that demonstrate all of the major benefits of new items. The main thing that can be understood from the submitted World of Tanks Blitz video trailer - marvelous graphics. Despite the fact that the game will be released for use on mobile devices, schedule it in no way inferior to the best computer projects. During gameplay, gamers will be able to see all parts of the tank, and the decorations of the project provide aesthetic pleasure derived from the gameplay. It is assumed that World of Tanks Blitz - a game that will bring together all the best elements from the legendary World of Tanks. Mobile Project embody the mechanics presented in a computer game. For example, the application will be implemented physics damage - gamers will need to take care of his car, otherwise have to spend on repairs and restoration of the combat vehicle. Developers even promise that World of Tanks Blitz play can be, driftuya on the tank, quite an original and unusual solution, which nevertheless want to experience in person (well, please tell us, even when you are out on the opportunity to tank-podriftovat what? ). In the near future (at least, we want to believe that in the near future) download World of Tanks Blitz can all owners of mobile devices and tablets running on the platform Android iOS. App creators have made a big contribution to the development of games related to the genre of action, for mobile phones. The point is that projects of this genre rarely adapted to smatrfonov and tablets because of the complexity control using the touch screen. Developers also World of Tanks Blitz claim that their creation is just the same will be more realistic, due to the increased complexity of managing the tanks. Also, do not feel discomfort and inconvenience and "left-handed" gamers - management can quickly and easily change under lefties. Our World of Tanks Blitz review simply can not tell you also that immediately after the official presentation of the project will allow players to deal with hundreds of tanks belonging to three different countries: Germany, United States, Union. All the machines presented in the draft, taken from a computer game, but their performance was slightly simplified, because mobile devices yet, unfortunately, can not provide the same performance, which even boasts an average computer. As for the cards, some of them will also be borrowed from WoT, but honored locations designed specifically for mobile applications.

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